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MAY 02

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America's Book Shelf -- Netflix for the Lit Nerds

I didn't know it could get better than my first love, the public library. But I'm completely sold on America's Book Shelf , a book exchange program that was just launched on Earth Day. {mosimage}
Here's what you do:
1. As a site launch promotion, ABS is offering free year-long memberships to cialis pharmacy the the best site viagra 50 mg tablets first 10,000 members. You go to the Web site and enter site levitra from india list 15 books you're willing to exchange.
2. Your books are now part of the virtual library. If a little bookworm across the country is mail order viagra in uk dying for your copy of The Little Prince, ABS sends you a postage-paid envelope to send it to him.
3. Here's the only drawback -- you don't get the book back. The person that requested your book will just keep it on his or her bookshelf until it's requested again.
ABS owner Bill Denkler says, "For every 65 books shared through, we can help save one tree from the pulp and paper mills." The company also buys wind energy and uses completely recycled office supplies. 
Now who wants my Faulkner that I never read? 
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This just sounds Stupid
written by Guest, May 02, 2006
You should just go donate your books to a library. At least if there sold there, the money will go back to help the library. What kind of business plan is? I guess it at least eliminates alot of their initial cost of doing business.
Come on
written by Guest, May 02, 2006
Please explain how packaging the book, paying for shipping and mailing it some place is eco-friendly. Use the buy cheap levitra library. It's free.
written by Guest, May 05, 2006
Hi, I think that the site is wonderful. I can't get to the library since transportation is a big problem for me. Having the books delivered to my door with the selection that is availible is just what I needed. Everything at my fingertips. I love reading in fact it is my joy and tranquility escape. I have some wonderful books to share, with America's BookShelf I feel part of a book community.
I like this
written by Guest, May 05, 2006
I just joined for free and now I can share and order books from my senior home.Alot of my friends here will join as well.The book mobile was phased out last month due to budget cuts.This is levitra overnight wonderful.
It\'s a wonderful idea
written by Guest, May 05, 2006
Many of us are old and it's difficult to get to the library. With this new idea we can do it all on our computer and as easy as lifting the flag on our mailbox.
Americas Bookshelf
written by Guest, May 05, 2006
I joined Americas Bookshelf and am so glad! It was easy, and now my books can be shared with others. I was able to send out a cookbook that had been on my shelf for years, , and now it is being enjoyed by someone else. I think this is a great idea.
$3.50 per book? no thanks
written by a guest, May 19, 2006


half priced books-very resonable

$12/yr sign up fee and $3.50 per book-no thanks

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