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MAY 23

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"I'm sorry sir, but you are an idiot. Do you see ANY sort of bodily pro..."

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The Aggressor: For a Fuel Efficient Army

Remember when the military was on the buy cheap ultram cod fore-front of cialis samples in canada innovation? When what we did at war pulled the world into the future? I'm not saying that war was ever good...I'm just saying that it used to be a lot smarter.

Which is why it's nice to see the US Army actually considering energy efficiency when building a vehicle. The Aggressor is a diesel-electric hybrid two seater designed for reconnaissance and light transport. While it can easily hit 80 mph and has a zero to forty time of just four seconds, the coolest feature is probably its stealth mode.

The Aggressor can switch to an all-battery mode that makes the vehicle virtually silent. The military initially looked to cialis cheapest lowest price fuel cells to provide this feature. But then the impracticality of shipping hydrogen around a battlefield hit them, so they paid some attention to the rest of the world and went with batteries.

The Aggressor could be ready for operations within the next couple years. And while it's kinda sad that these could be the first hybrids Iraq will ever see, it is at least better than the alternative: More Hummers.

Via Popular Mechanics

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Neat, but the all electric mode seems in
written by Matt, July 17, 2007
I mean, current hybrid cars can only go, at most, 10 miles on electric, on flat roads. On rugged terrain, this drops to about 3 miles. Granted, current army vehicles have no stealth mode, but frankly, I think war shouldn't be funded by the people. That being said, all war developments are moot. They are all the result of evil.
written by John Heinley, July 09, 2008
Interesting vehicle. If one can get close to an enemy line using diesel-electric power, then switch to an electric-only stealth mode - that makes it easier to carry gear, get close without being detected, and make a swift getaway when necessary. Plus, a great tool for a Drill Sergeant to pfizer viagra uk go sneaking all around!

Also in line with something I'm thinking of doing with my old pick-up truck. A 1-ton-payload crew-cab is not going to get very far as a plug-in only electric. Yet, taking a clue from the i recommend online viagra sales railroad industry, why not combine plug-in tech with diesel-electric technology. Whether or not the military version works for military missions, I think it'd be a good civilian rig.
written by Henry, January 23, 2010
I'm sorry sir, but you are an idiot. Do you see ANY sort of bodily protection or defensive mechanisms on that vehicle. At least many hummers have doors, which one can duck below for concealment even if they're not armored, smoke dispensers, turrets, and the great modularity that comes with many years of use. And accusing the army of levitra canada prescription not being on the forefront of technology is silly. The Striker attack vehicles are massive technology sinks, essentially mobile command centers with guns, there are sniper location triangulation sensors now, ever-advancing UAV's, along with a slew of other high-tech weaponry and support systems.

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