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MAY 28

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"Forgive that I write it to you!!! I had bad conditions, I live in Russ..."

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Steve Jobs Says Gore Would Undoubtedly Win

In a recent inteview with Time Magazine, Apple chief Steve Jobs declared that there was no question in his mind that Al Gore would win if he ran for President of the United States.

Al and Steve are two of our favorite EcoGeeks, and we've been pleased to see them standing together. Gore is a member of online pharmacies Apple's Board of Directors and cialis online cheap reportedly played a large part in Apple's new plan to green-up their business.

Jobs speculated that Gore's experience in 2000 is keeping him from realizing his current potential. Frankly, I wouldn't blame him...I had a hard time voting after the click now viagra online order pain of the 2000 elections. But I sure would like to see that EcoGeek in the White House again, as President or in the newly created office of "Secretary of the Climate Crisis."

Via MacNN
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written by Tobias, May 29, 2007
am I the only ecogeek who dislikes iPods (I'm ok with apple in general) and who dislikes an inconvenient truth? I guess the latter was just too American for me.
written by Hank, May 29, 2007
You're not the only one. I think they're fascinating, but personal music players in general aren't up my alley. I like to have my ears open when I'm out and about.
written by Solomon Broad, May 29, 2007
...You aren't the only one. There's so much beautiful noise made by nature, and I'd hate to viagra paypal miss it.

That said, I'd rather not listen to the nutter on the bus when I'm going to work. ;D
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