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MAY 29

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"They are becoming the world's number one CO2 nation...."

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Green Technologies from Beijing

CNET has some excellent, brief and on line pharmacy enjoyable coverage of the China Beijing International High Tech Expo. CNET has focused on technologies that promise to green Beijing. China seems to be taking this challenge seriously, with one of the major deadlines being next year's olympic games. Beijing may be one of the dirtiest cities in the world, but they've got a lot of brains working to change that.

Featured on CNET are innovations from "grasscrete," an "environmentally sustainable alternative paving system," to a 300 mph maglev train (both pictured above.)

Not pictured include extremely efficient renewable energy heating stoves, and a couple of levitra headaches good looking electric vehicles (a scooter and a bike) both powered by non-toxic lithium ion batteries.

China's response to the levitra on line environmental crisis is extremely important and, for the moment anyway, it looks encouraging.

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After All
written by Michael, July 27, 2007
They are becoming the world's number one CO2 nation.

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