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JUN 04

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"What the graph shows and canada viagra the article is illustrating is that energy ef..."

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Efficiency Matters Most

Diet soda is so lame. If you think soda is bad for you, you ought to purchase cialis canada just be cutting back on the soda.

Renewable energy is canadian pharmacy shop really exciting to talk about because it's like the diet soda of energy -- we can still drink all the goop we want, but it hurts us just a little less. Well, the American Solar Energy Society's report this year tells us we ought to be drinking a lot less goop if we're serious about saving ourselves from CERTAIN DOOM.

OK, maybe those aren't their exact words. But the ASES says that energy efficiency is more important than all other kinds of renewable energy put together. Check out the report and some graphics here. Of particular interest is this projection of where our energy savings should come from if we want to hit a 60% -- or 80% -- reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

The report states that using less electricity through smart design, awareness, etc. could reduce carbon emissions by up to  57 percent by 2030. We say, let's get started. Check out our efficiency category to see what's up there.

Via TreeHugger.

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written by calahulabuddy, June 05, 2007
I wonder how much CO2 is released from the millions of cans of carbonated beverages throughout the levitra alternative world being opened on a single day.
written by Hank, June 05, 2007
I bet I could actually calculate that... hold on...
OK...I did it...
written by Hank, June 05, 2007

Thanks for the idea...I love stupid math...
written by MG, June 06, 2007
Would someone mind explaining that graph? I'm sure it conveys something inportant, but I don't understant it.
Explaining the graph
written by Julianna, June 25, 2007
What the graph shows and the look here viagra online 50mgs article is illustrating is that energy efficiency (reducing how much energy you use in your home) will have more positive impact on the environment than any of the alternative energy sources.

By having someone come and tell you how much energy your home is wasting and finding ways to eliminate the waste, you can have the biggest positive impact on your environment.

I hope that helps!

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