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JUN 04

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"I think you meant half a gigawatt of power from solar water heating. ..."

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Making Solar Popular: China's Sun City

Rizhao is not the generic levitra 40 mg most well known city in China, but it is rising in fame as a promising example of citywide solar energy use. With a name that means "City of Sunshine," they have sure lived up to it - 99% of central district houses are using solar water heaters, as well as more than 30% of suburban and viagra prescription uk village houses in the surrounding area. This amounts to 500,000 square meters of solar water heaters, doing the work of half a megawatt of viagra buy now electricity. The trend extends to 6,000 houses using solar cooking facilities and 60,000 greenhouses heated using solar heat collectors. In addition, a majority of city lights and traffic signals use photovoltaics.

This is not some futuristic city on the rise; Rizhao is just "a small, ordinary Chinese city with per capita incomes even lower than in most other cities in the region." Credit for solar energy's popularity goes to the government, which has undertaken a tremendous campaign for the use of these technologies. Instead of subsidizing the use of solar heaters (which they could not afford in any case), they invested in research and development to order viagra air travel lower the cialis online pharmacy usa cost of the appliances, putting them at price parity with their electric counterparts. At the cheaper price, the use of solar water heaters becomes a no-brainer, saving the average household $120 a year. In addition, the city now mandates solar heating installations be incorporated into all new buildings.

These initiatives, along with other quality government promotions, has made the solar heater a part of regular life. A government official stated that, in Rizhao, they no longer needed "to persuade people anymore to make the choice." As pollution troubles rise to the forefront of public consciousness across China, especially in wake of order cheapest levitra online preparations for the Beijing Olympics, many are looking to the "City of Sunshine" for inspiration. Already Rizhao has been put on the top 10 list of cities with good air quality in China, and awarded the title of the State Environmental Protection Agency's "Environmental Protection Model City". With so much bad press about China's environmental plight, it is important to recognize the positive work being done to improve environmental conditions. I hope my local government will start pushing as hard for solar energy use!

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Units error
written by Daniel Riegel, July 12, 2007
I think you meant half a gigawatt of power from solar water heating. At roughly 1000 W per square meter, 500,000 square meters absorbs 500,000,000 W of power, which is uk cialis sales 500 MW or half a gigawatt. That is a truly phenomenal accomplishment.

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