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JUN 05

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"hint of the day "thermocouple" heat --> electricity ..."

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Creating Electricity from Waste Heat

The majority of how can i buy viagra in canada wasted energy in the world is wasted as heat. In your car engine, in your macbook, your fluorescent light bulbs, your computer's power supply. Heat leaks from electrical and best viagra price mechanical devices and there is no way to stop it.

Or is there. We at EcoGeek have already reported on which country tramadol without prescription Petier devices, which extract electricity from hot surfaces. Unfortunately they're currently either too inefficient or too expensive to be practical.

But Oresk Symko, a physicist at the University of Utah has created a heat-to-electricity device that operates on a completely different principle. By converting the tramadol overnight free heat to sound waves, and then the sound waves to buy real viagra online without prescription electricity using piezoelectric substances, Symko says that he can convert heat to electricity very efficiently.

Unfortunately, he doesn't tell us how efficiently, at least, not anywhere I could find. However, I do know that piezo-electric materials are very expensive, so I worry about the cost-effectiveness of the project.

But, if he can make it work, and cheaply, then his devices will likely be showing up everywhere from solar arrays to electric vehicle batteries.

Hat tip to David.  Via LiveScience

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Can / Cant
written by F. Brummer, June 06, 2007
"Symko says that he cant convert heat to electricity very efficiently."

I hope that's a typo.
written by Anna, June 06, 2007
you are correct...has been fixed...
Creating electricity from waste heat
written by Thibaut, June 07, 2007
Thank you for the info, using temperature differences to produce electricity is a fasinating topic.
I just pointed out a small error. The name of the scientist is not Oresk Symko but Orest Symko!
written by DTM, June 08, 2007
I think you mean "Peltier" devices.
Hint hint........
written by Sharly, June 11, 2007
hint of the day "thermocouple" heat --> electricity

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