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JUN 06

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WINDPOWER 2007: Big Ideas in Small Wind

At this week's WINDPOWER conference, there's lots of big talk about big wind, a big exhibition hall full of cheap tramadol cod free fedex big manufacturers of huge wind turbines and gigantic poles and massive transmission lines and other sorts of hi-tech geegaw. But the thing that most interested me was the small wind area.

It was only a few booths, but there was something about it them appealed to me as an individual, a green energy enthusiast and, let's face it, a typical American consumer (hey, I could buy that!). For about $15,000, for instance (much of which is buy cialis online site permitting and installation fees), you could invest in the Skystream 3.7, a small, sleek-looking wind turbine that can generate between 40-100% of a home or small business' power needs. (It actually does look pretty cool; the company calls it "the iPod of wind power.") There's no battery or anything, it connects directly to your home, and depending on how your local utility works, if it gets really windy it might even start spinning your meter backwards (meaning the power company pays you, rather than the other way around). Of course, it's not quite plug-and-play yet (as iPods are): you have to have an average wind speed of about 10mph, live on only best offers viagra prices a half-acre with unobstructed views, make sure your local zoning laws permit you to erect 42-foot structures on your property and, oh yeah, find out if your power company will actually let you hook this thing up. (Check out the company's website for more info.)

There's also Entegrity Wind Systems, which manufactures small wind turbines designed to supplement power at businesses and schools. In fact, they've partnered with several impoverished school districts in Texas and provided them with turbines, each of which last year saved about $70,000 per school in energy costs as a result.

It seems the generic levitra prices biggest problem with erecting small wind turbines here in Los Angeles is the county's internecine permitting and approval process, which can take up to a year, and is very expensive. For instance, it costs about $2,200 just to to apply for one and cialis in uk online have the county ask all your neighbors with in a 500-foot-or-so radius of you what they think. (If more than one of them doesn't like the idea, for whatever reason, you can either cough up about $2,500 more to defend your permit at a public hearing, or give up.) On top of that, you're looking at about $4,000 more in civil engineer approvals, county-approved anti-climb devices, inspections now and in the future, special signage, etc. Needless to say, it's a slog, but activists in LA County are trying to canadian pharmacy viagra reform the process.

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written by Grady Hillhouse, June 07, 2007
The Skystream looks well equipped to rip birds right out of it's great! order propica the sky with those hooked blade tips. :)
written by Bill Currie, June 08, 2007
I have operated a small wind turbine for 4 years, and never found a dead bird near it. Our windows are a different story..
I think the Skystream and machines like it have enormous potential to generate power with little impact, at reasonable cost, and to give great satisfaction to their owners.
save electricity cost
written by d. shugart, June 20, 2007
anyone have any ideas on a very small version on property of less than 2 acres. we have a 3 bedroom housde and the buy viagra online viagra wind always blows 10 too 20 miles per hour here so it does get windy just curious our electric is high thanks
written by Michael, October 06, 2007
So, how does a person on the East Coast with a property of less than 1/4 acre get to utilize wind for power generation. Why is 1 acre such a magical amount of land underneath a turbine? Come on ecogeeks, get real. Most of us live in cities and have neighbors about 10 feet away from us. We need a solution to viagra online shop uk this issue.
Wind drives my ideas!
written by KJLand, July 17, 2008
I reside in a sunny&windy rural desert place. We use a lot of A.C. power in summer months to stay cool(air condition on now).Ilive on 5ac. lot,no pay,love to tinker have lots of tools(welder,air compressor,elect.test equipt,pipeing capabile ect.)Iwant to build a wind generator from a boat(DC) trolling motor.I concived to mount a flexing blade design that is like the pic. of intern turbine air vent p/n 52610($36.00),only larger(aprox.8ft.tall,raised 6ft.above ground)vertically mounted shaft direct coupled to motor.the tricky part is the vains need to flex outword at low wind then flex inword as wind increases so less drag for max. RPMs.This not a new design but the motor idea is(from swap-meet,low cost).Should generate apox.4amp.or more.I also will use an auto alternator,belt driven to buy levitra no prescription get apox.80/100 amps.(needs more wind i.e. winter season use).Now is canadian women viagra where I need some other input.Would I be better to store the generated power in a battery package to inverter or stright into an inverter unit converted to 120v? My thinking is to deep cycle batteries(adds to unit cost)to inverter.I feel this to be less cost to follow link generic cialis canada erect and kits easier to install as well as less noticeable.Any HELP anyone? The vaines would need a safty fence around system at ground level.And the vaines, more thought as to useing a counter weight system or speed sensing flex in their fabercation design.made of aluminum strips in 8ft. lengths. any input or interest can be sent to email to kingkevland@aol,com.I need a solution to construct,the wind is waiting.Thanks.

loney toons
written by samson, January 13, 2009
i have read your site and im quite unpleased they have no ideas for a good science project
What wind turbine best for me?
written by Cindy, April 03, 2009
I have been doing a little research "here and there" for over three years on what turbine would work best for me in my area. There really isn't much help out there that is specific enough and that I understand well enough to help me make a decision. Many times what I read actually discourages me from even trying! I live in Marshall county, West Virginia. I have 22 acres-space is not a problem. But when I look at wind speed maps, our area is rated a l sometimes a 2-ten is considered the most ideal. Is there anything out there that designed efficient enough for my area? Also, do they have a solar/wind option? Info greatly appreciated and received at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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