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MAY 04

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Bush admin: maybe global warming exists, buuuut...

Things just aren't going well for Bushies these days. Low approval ratings, the Texas Rangers probably aren't going to be able to sign Roger Clemens and viagra sale fast shipping now -- can you believe it? -- scientists who are totally doing science on the government's dime are claiming that global warming is uk viagra sites a thing.

Like a real thing.


The New York Times' Andrew C. Revkin checked out the government-commissioned report , released two days ago, and said this:

"The report's authors all agreed that their review of the data showed that the buying cialis atmosphere was, in fact, warming in ways that generally meshed with computer simulations. The study said that the only factor that could explain the measured warming of Earth's average temperature over the last 50 years was the buildup heat-trapping gases, which are mainly emitted by burning coal and oil."

That's a big Hallibummer for the White House, but they stayed cheery by pointing out that this report was just the first of 21 on the subject, so they're not convinced yet.

You know how 4 out of 5 dentists recommend whatever the hell? I'll bet the 100 mg tramadol fifth dentist is going to be a very happy, very rich man before all of cialis mexico this is over.
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written by roro44, February 07, 2008
Thanks a lot
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