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JUN 18

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"Oh, wait. I didn't realize that he was FROM the website. That makes ..."

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Superconductors Research Heats Up

The race is on to try it viagra uk find the "holy grail" of superconductor research - a material which transmits electricity with zero loss at room temperatures. Such a development would usher in a new era of technology: high efficiency mag-lev trains, heat-free computers, cheap rail-gun launched spaceships, zero-loss power lines and next day cialis portable medical imaging are just a few inventions awaiting it's discovery. Some scientists believe it's just a matter of getting the right materials together under the right circumstances, and researchers are plying to be the the best place canadianpharmacy first to acheive it... and win the Nobel Prize for physics, a patent worth billions of dollars, and a high profile interview with

The latest and greatest materials in the field, nicknamed "high temperature superconductors", will only operate at temperatures below -140° Celsius. This may not seem warm to those of us who think of day-old pizza as "cold",  but it's a huge improvement over the first generation of superconductors, which operate just a few degrees above absolute zero (-273° C).

The implications for the environment are clear: superconductors are up to 100 times more compact than their regular counterparts, twice as efficient, and  lose no energy to heat dissipation. Imagine if the world's computers all ran cold to the touch... no fans, no overheating, and every chip overclocked to the theoretical limit!

Here's today's roundup of the latest news in the field:

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Polymer equivalents of room temperature
written by Mark Goldes, June 19, 2007
Ultraconductors(tm) can do just about everything that might be done with a room temperature superconductor. They function at ambient temperatures to 200C.

Our subsidiary, Room Temperature Superconductors Inc. has completed four Small Business Innovation Research contracts on these remarkable materials.

See our website for additional information.


707 829-9391 direct
It's a scam.
written by Max, April 20, 2009
I've seen the very good site levitra canada prescription website too. According to the company, ultraconductor is just their name for room-temp superconductor. Which can't be possible. If they'd figured that out, they'd have won the Nobel Prize already and we'd have heard about it. Their just obviously trying to worm a few dollars out of anyone stupid enough to believe them.
written by Max, April 20, 2009
Oh, wait. I didn't realize that he was FROM the website. That makes so much sense

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