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JUN 20

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"Hey, before they make a walking map for the US, won't we actually have..."

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MapQuest is great and look here cheap levitra no prescription all, but what if I want to get to the burning calories instead of gasoline. Well, that's where comes in. WalkIt is mapping out cities for bicycle and pedestrian commuters so that they can find the fastest, safest and simplest routes walking routes through their city.

For every trip you map, WalkIt will tell you around how many calories you'll burn, how long the trip will take at different walking speeds, and how many kg of carbon you'll avoid. The interface is just as simple as mapquest, though their front page could use a bit of cleaning up.

The biggest problem though, is that only three cities have been mapped out so far, all in the UK. But if you're a citizen of London, Birmingham or Edinburgh, consider yourself served. A representative from WalkIt has assured me that more cities are on the way, but they aren't likely to start on the Americas any time soon.

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written by Mark R., June 20, 2007
I'll see your and raise you a and

Neither counts Cal's but, they aren't limited to 3 cities across the levitra one a day pond either. will track your wt and other workout info if you like.

Mark R.
written by Kristjan Siimson, June 21, 2007
Tallinn, Estonia has a map like that also. But other than walking it will include bus rides. So you will get a schedule with walk and bus times.
I used it last summer when I was there at my home. :)
written by wxwax, June 21, 2007
Hey, before they make a walking map for the US, won't we actually have to build some sidewalks, first?

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