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JUN 20

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Turns out you've got another reason to go Office Space on your InkJet. It's something that geeks have suspected for quite some time, printers are set to report that cartridges are out of ink far before they actually are.

EPSON (who turned out to be least evil) commissioned the study to determine how full cartridges were when they reported they were "out of ink." The results...some printers report they are "out of ink" when they're only half empty. Worse, the firmware will continue to nag you about it and occasionally will not even allow you to print until you replace the cartridge. Kodak came in last place, wasting up to 60% of ink, while Epson faired best, wasting about 20%.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since one can literally buy a new printer for the same cost as new ink cartridges. This kind of hyper-disposable attitude is completely the opposite of what EcoGeek stands for, and I've got a mind to take my printer out into an empty field right now and introduce it to Mr. Louisville.

But for those of you who really do need printers, here are a few tips:
  • Avoid single cartridge printers, as the cartridges need to be replaced every time a single color runs out
  • Always recycle ink cartridges, all big stores will take them as printer companies will actually pay to get them back
  • Print in black and white as often as possible. No reason to waste expensive color ink 95% of the time
  • Never listen when your printer says it's out of ink. It's lying.
Via TreeHugger and Ars Technica

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written by Solomon Broad, June 21, 2007
Epson commissioned the study, and just coincidentally came out on top.....? ;)
Theoretically...that's why they funded t
written by GeR, June 21, 2007
It's not really fund a study because you know you're going to come out looking good. Pretty much standard operating procedure...but it doesn't lessen the validity of the study.
written by Green SAHM, June 21, 2007
That's one of generic viagra no prescription the things I love about my Canon printer. Each color in its own cartridge, and the catridges are clear so you can see that they really are empty. There will still be ink in the sponge, but I don't think there's any way around that.

But it does start reporting low ink fairly early, and I've had to remind my husband that there is no point in replacing a cartridge until the non prescription viagra australia printer won't print because of it. I've also noticed that sometimes if I cancel a print when the printer first claims to be out of a color, the second time it will print with no problems. Found that one out by accident and now I don't take the first "out of ink" warning seriously.
written by Dan, June 21, 2007
Yeah I would have put Canon on top, they are the only ones I know of who use clear cartridges on their main range of printers. Their low end ones aren't clear but they are very small cartridges anyway, I can't blame them for not wanting to advertise how little ink is actually in them. Plus they balance the printer/ink cost ratio pretty well, there are far to many printer manufacturers who make their printers cheap and ink expensive which means when the ink that comes with the printer runs out the printer pretty much becomes a throw away, anyone say Lexmark?
written by Nathanial, June 21, 2007
Why would anyone use a inkjet anymore?
Laser printing is buy fioricet the canadian cialis with 2 free viagra only way to go and cialis 20 mg color laser is now very affordable.
Laser printing has been much less than inkjet for over 15 years.
written by David, June 21, 2007
I never listen to my printer anyway. I only replace the cartridge when the printer start printing streaky pages. I will say, I suspected something was up when I could print for seemingly ages after it started saying the ink was low.
Laser color vs. inkjet color printing
written by Morgan, June 21, 2007
After having worked in electronics retail for 10 years and running a digital print & copy center for 3, I can tell you that color laser printers are the only way to go if you print a significant amount of color business documents, like graphs, charts, fancy colored fonts, etc. If you print a document with a block of color (like a pie chart) on an inkjet, it costs a fortune, and unless you're using coated paper it saturates the paper and looks terrible.

However, color laser printers can't touch inkjets when it comes to photo printing. I was working with a $30K color laser machine, and it was pretty close - but the $150 inkjet printer we sold would still give a better end result for photos. Of course, the color laser photos were about $0.07 per page, versus about $1.25 per page on the inkjet.

Thermal transfer printing is probably the best for photos right now, but also the most expensive.

Unless you do rx levitra a lot of "off the viagra pills buy cuff" photo printing, take your digital pics on a thumb drive over to the nearest retail photo printer when you need to, and get a laser printer for home. A $200 Brother laser will give you about 3,000 b&w text pages out of the starter cartridge, and a $80 replacement cartridge will give you another 5K. Considering the b&w cartridges on new inkjet photo printers are about $40 - $50, the math is pretty easy. Plus, laser text is generally sharper-looking, it comes out dry, and it's waterproof; I can't tell you how many people I saw come into our copy center only to find that the original page they printed at home was all smeared just from a stray drop of rain, or from being put in a folder before it was completely dry...
written by suhas, May 27, 2008
When to Buy a Printer
Because printer manufacturers make their money on consumables like ink or toner refills as much as on the printer itself, they are eager to move old models before consumers perceive them as being obsolete.

Printer bargains are less likely to be seasonal, though the back-to-school, holiday, and inventory-clearance (usually late January to early February) seasons are usually good times to buy.


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printer ink
Not environment friendly
written by veny, July 22, 2008
This kind of no nondisposable posture is entirely the opposite of what EcoGeek stands for, and I have got a judgment to generic cialis from india take my printer out into an vacate field right now and I enclose it.
Ink Cartridges
written by Sharon, April 06, 2011
I found this post really helpful. In today's world, getting Laser Printer is the wise decision. Laser printers are simply the best option in high quality printing world.

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