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JUN 25

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"you guys are funny. just go see it, if it's for a good cause, it won't..."

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Zero Watt Emo Bulb: Pure Darkness... 18.99

It's wonderful to see that environmental issues are reaching the emo sect as well. It is worth mentioning that, obviously, emo kids do buy levitra without a prescription use less electricity than normal kids.

For one thing, they don't need to actually go anywhere in order to listen to music and mexico levitra be sad, so you don't need a car at all. And, of course, as lighting uses 20% of the world's energy, wouldn't we all be better off with our blue-black hair hanging down over our eyes in the eternal darkness of a zero-watt light.

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written by vigilant20, June 25, 2007
Is it PC to mock the emotionally challenged? It's not their fault they are nuts.
written by vigilant20, June 25, 2007
PS...are we going to hear your take on this and/or Evan Almighty?
Evan Almighty and Emo
written by Hank, June 25, 2007
Conisdering that I was once...and still kinda am...emo...I think it's OK.

Some of my best friends are emo kids.

As for the Evan Almighty thing...I don't know...I honestly haven't decided whether or not it's too lame for EcoGeek...maybe I'll have to go and see the movie first. I mean...I do love Steve Carell...and I didn't hate Bruce Almighty so who knows...maybe it doesn't suck as much as it looks like it does.
written by Tobias, June 26, 2007
gehehehe, I really liked this post
written by vigilant20, June 26, 2007
Thanks Hank. I'm undecided too. Could be worth a few chuckles. But they sure are stirring up a lot of news with their zero emission production claims, eco-initiatives, and charity offshoots.
written by Leechio, June 26, 2007
They might not use cars, but think of the fossil fuels wasted powering the servers running their overly-elaborate MySpace pages!
written by alias, July 01, 2007
you guys are funny. just go see it, if it's for a good cause, it won't hurt you that much :D

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