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JUN 25

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"sounds good but anyone who rode around in that would look a pillock :..."

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Solar-Powered Motorbike Hides in its Own Shell

Aside from being fairly ugly and buy fioricet entirely imaginary, SunRed's new snail-shell-based solar bike is completely awesome.

All the other blog posts I've read about this are reporting that the snail-shell covering will stow away during transport...but that's not entirely accurate. Obviously, the nose panel (which contains the light and rear-view mirror) will remain in place, while the three back panels will fold away. Thus, the bike will still pull some charge while traveling.

Even though the bike has way more surface area than any other solar motorbike ever will ever again, it still doesn't pull enough juice to be very useful. A full charge will only get you 13 miles at 30 mph.

Nonetheless, it's an interesting design and I'm looking forward to seeing the real-life prototype from Sun Red soon.

Via AutoBlogGreen

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Range could be perfect for urban locatio
written by Chad Ludeman, June 26, 2007
While a range of 13 miles is not great it is plenty for most cities where the viagra seizures average trip is well under 13 miles.
written by Lenny, June 26, 2007
Chad a bicycle is plenty for most city trips!
Good point
written by Hank, June 26, 2007
13 miles is a pretty long bike ride, but I have to agree that most of what this solar bike can do can be done by, y'know, pedaling.
written by Chad Ludeman, June 27, 2007
I totally agree. It's a nice alternative for those that can't be persuaded to walk or pedal more often or who are unwilling to give up all motorized forms of transport...
Not that far.
written by rob, June 27, 2007
13 miles isn't that far, with moderate pedaling it would take less than an hour on how does cialis work a bicycle. As the solar motorbike can only reach 30mph it would only be half an hour quicker.
And of course if you want to go home again, the bicycle would be home, long before the solar motorcycle recharged its batteries.

That's without mentioning, the no doubt much higher purchase price and maintenance costs of the solar motorcycle and the extra pollution and use of toxic chemicals during manufacture.
written by Luke, June 29, 2007
sounds good but anyone who rode around in that would look a pillock :P

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