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JUN 29

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"Is there any way to attach this to a boat? ..."

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Level 38 Eco-Tricycle of Maiming

It's not gonna get you anywhere very fast, but if you're lucky, it could get you out of some tight scrapes in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback.  In any case this home-made, wind-powered tricycle is ridiculously cool, I'm just not sure why.

It's not a practical design or anything, but I just feel like it's necessary to congratulate people when they wade this far into the sea of peculiarity. This particular device was created by  Damon Vander Lind  and it's come in ranked quite high at the Popular Mechanics DIY fair. Apparently he got the ordering cialis online idea while working on a home-made wind turbine (admittedly a more practical persuit) and the entire rig cost him about $500 (and three weeks) to build.
Via Popular Mechanics
(Image and wow look it buy cialis australia video credit: Popular Mechanics)
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Geart potential source of power for wind
written by Shu, June 30, 2007
I think he should use it as a wind-powered dynamo when the bike is stationary with a battery unit that charges it's self. That way he can go anywhere there's wind and have electrical power to run things.... laptops, lights at night. With propeller guard he should get less hassles from people that are weary of getting chopped by the blades sticking out.

And working on aero dynamics would probably help too
written by celia, November 23, 2007
Is there any way to attach this to a boat?

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