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JUL 05

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"Fuel from the utilization of used cooking oil can definitely be a grea..."

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McDonald's Grease Powering McDonald's Trucks

McDonald's, known mostly for smiling like an evil clown while the world gets fatter and fatter, is now actually doing something productive with all of those kilojoules of purchase generic viagra grease. The company is planning on powering its entire UK truck fleet with bio-diesel created from its own waste vegetable oil.

In the next 12 months, McDonald's plans on creating enough fuel to we choice getting viagra power its 155 delivery vehicles while having enough fuel left over to sell into the public market. The fuel will be composed of 85% waste vegetable oil and 15% virgin rapeseed oil. So, while it will be 100% carbon neutral, it won't be entirely waste oil. However, Matthew Howe, Senior VP of McDonald's UK was quoted saying "As we get better at the refinement we will be able to remove virgin rape from the process," a line which we sincerely hope never gets taken out of context.

Continuing his remarks, Howe assured reporters at Reuters that the delivery trucks would not smell like McDonald's french fries, though he recognized that that
"it would have been one of the best marketing campaigns we could ever have had."

Via GreenBiz and Reuters

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written by Migitial, July 06, 2007
well this is unfortunate...

"As we get better at the refinement we will be able to remove virgin rape from the process"
written by Scott, July 06, 2007
I'm glad they are making good use out of something they would have otherwise thrown away, but it doesn't seem to me that calling it 100% carbon neutral is entirely is still emitting carbon.
written by Shu, July 07, 2007
nice! that's a good green marketing stategy for selling crap, and cutting down the viagra best place much needed forest for cattle land. McDonald just has start planting all of those trees they've helped chop down, and offer an organic never frozen nutritious food, pay their worker decently, stop building their food chain everywhere they can.... for them to become anything close to an eco-conscious company

Now that! will be a beautiful day!
I know it's not important but it's
written by D, July 10, 2007
Grape seed not rape.
written by Monotonehell, July 10, 2007
Disneyland have been trialling running their steam trains from in house waste frying oil for several months now. Their train DOES smell like french fries because of it.
Grape vs. rapeseed
written by Techojosh, July 10, 2007
Rapeseed is an entirely different plant. Grape is a fruit. Rapeseed is a seed that is primarily used for cooking oil (and in this case, a diesel substitute).
Carbon Neutrality
written by Olmec Sinclair, August 03, 2007
The idea of carbon neutrality is not contributing additional CO2 to the atmosphere. By re-using oil as a fuel and even introducing additional oils produced from plants (that extract CO2 from the air) it sounds like they will achieve a state of carbon neutrality. While this is not the ideal target, it is surely an improvement over burning fossil fuel.
also known as: granola
written by Edward Welbourne, August 05, 2007
As Techojosh points out, it really is called rape-seed, without a g; but I gather it's also called granola, at least in North America.
It's used as both a biofuel and a cooking oil ('though usually labelled as vegetable oil rather than rape-seed oil).
The vast fields of buy cialis next day delivery its bright yellow flowers are widely considered an ugly blight on the English country-side (and not just by hay-fever sufferers, who seem to have a particularly hard time with it).

The peculiar coincidence of its name with a verb has long puzzled me: so finally I've taken the trouble to official canadian pharmacy to buy levitra look up its etymology.
Apparently, it's "reip turnip" and cognate with words all over the European language map, notably including radish and turnip.
For contrast, the verb is related to "rapture" !
You say granola I say canola, you say gr
written by CanolaGranola, August 11, 2007
Wow this blog is funny. I was looking up the etymology of "rapeseed" as well, since it is a bit curious. Strangely enough this blog came up as one of the top hits for "etymology rapeseed".

Canola is grown extensively in cental Canada, and in july there are miles and miles of bright yellow feilds, quite striking. Whereas granola is the best choice levitra canadian a cereal made from crushed oats and other ingrediants into a cereal or pressed into a snack bar.

The name was formally changed to canola seed/oil from rape seed/oil due to political correctness in the it's great! levitrabest levitra 80's I believe.

Heres what good ol' Wiki has to say: smilies/cheesy.gif

Wow I wrote a lot, and it says my comment is too short.
written by Joseph, October 11, 2007
so your are saying that mcdonalds only have 155 trucks along the whole country. I think that they have more than that.
written by Clio, January 02, 2008
155 in the UK duhhhh
written by max, November 16, 2009
McDonalds has always been 100% carbon neutral. Maybe instead of weighing people in kilos or pounds weight should be measured in cheese burgers (cbs). I'm guessing my neighbour would weigh at least 400cbs. Now imagine how much carbon shes storing for McDonalds, this is why there carbon neutral.
Oxymoronic American Minds
written by Uncle B, November 26, 2009
McDonald's - Share holder, corporation - obliged by American corporate laws to serve the "Shareholders" best interests! This is the Law of the U.S.A.! The definition of a corporation! Any fanciful notions the proletariat wish to surround this fact with, is solace to recommended site levitra australia the realities of buy viagra online us a brutal existence caused by this reality of American life! Fords rust! GM parts cost an arm and a leg, and the cars fall apart! Planned obsolescence is in the curing of the rubbers, epoxies in paints, American cars are built from - in the better interests of the stockholders! Altruistic notions such as "Brand cults" are follies promoted by the most powerful propaganda machine since the cheapest secure delivery cialis uk Nazis and Gobbles took a nation to its knees with such bull Shiite! Wake Up America! "Throw-away" convenience is not in your interests - by American law!- it serves the stockholders or stands as illegal! Corporations are mandated to serve the shareholder! not the poor assholes who consume! Profits, bottom line and ROI drive America - nothing else! Don't be fooled! Mickey D makes a buck recycling used oils or he doesn't do it! That is the law of the Land! The shareholders solace! goddammit!
written by Mr Observer, November 30, 2009
LOL Virgin Rape
grease power
written by grease collection Texas, December 29, 2011
Fuel from the utilization of used cooking oil can definitely be a great benefit for the society and not only McDonald's. Grease collection is a significant part of the process. In Texas, we provide services in collection and transportation of grease to recycling facilities in order for them to process used cooking oil and produce Biodiesel.

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