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JUL 09

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"is this for real? If it is . . . It is a one big WOW!..."

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Sci-Fi Hotel in an Abandoned Chinese Quarry

The Songjiang district near Shanghai has become a popular destination for tourists...apparently fantastically wealthy tourists with an eye for the peculiarly sustainable. This planned sci-fi luxury hotel with underwater rooms and express viagra delivery indoor waterfalls has significantly more humble beginnings. It's located in an 100 foot deep abandoned quarry.

Using an already disturbed site like this is key when building in ecologically sensitive areas. And the architects have done an amazing job incorporating the design of the hotel into it's humble surroundings. But the sustainability doesn't stop there. The hotel extends some of the natural landscape over itself by covering it's ground-level roof in dirt and greenery. The green roof would also keep the hotel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Even cooler, because the viagra alternetives quarry was dug so deep, it will be relatively inexpensive to harness the geothermal energy of online pharmacy viagra the site. There's no word on exactly how much of its power will be generated this way, but it could possibly provide all of the hotels heating and electricity needs.

Aside from all that, the hotel looks ridiculously cool, check out this picture as well.

Via Inhabitat and Atkins Architecture

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written by Wendy, July 10, 2007
This looks and sounds gorgeous!
Love the sailboats !
written by Johan Smit, July 10, 2007
Wonder who's bright-spark idea were those at the bottom of the pit!
written by bandung, July 23, 2007
Great pictures.....
written by steven, August 06, 2007
have a few question to ask the dosage levitra hole set up u hgave is cool but hat do u have for rain season like the water flow when it rains alot over there and the water risese do u have a back or over flow for extra excess water and where well it go? and i see that theres a water fall and u viagra discount pharmacy well make the water flow trow a system and genarate self energy for the hotal and i think thats a great idea and to have the water fall going trow the middle is great for tourst but just what about extra water i do not know how rain season is viagra sales uk over there in songjiang but if i where a invester in your hotal that would be one concern but a vary nice layout and not anything like it in the world and would have a lot of people there to see its own ecosystem
written by Spike, August 07, 2007
would be nice, but it will never be reality, you talk like it is there already
Sci fi hotel in abandoned chinese quarry
written by Brandi, August 07, 2007
This is fabulous. About time someone developed something of this quality. It's gorgeous and how much is levitra I can't wait to visit such a beautiful place. The underwater rooms sound exciting and just imagine waking up to shimmering ripples of the morning glow.
written by Rhonda, August 07, 2007
It is already there -where have you been?
Common Sense at Last
written by Mona, August 07, 2007
Finally, a design that makes sense. Beautiful, innovative, smart, and environmentally friendly.
To Rhonda
written by Nate, August 08, 2007
Really? If it's already there, where are the pictures? All I see is artist renditions.
written by Norma, August 09, 2007
Actually, it is in the process of being built, but is not scheduled to be completed until May 2009.
written by Jess, August 09, 2007
This isn't the only one of it's kind, haven't you guys ever seen pictures of Dubai hotels?
Redemption of Quarry sites
written by Ms. Joy, August 10, 2007
If this project successfully worked, other countries might as well adopt this. The exploited and abandoned quarry site will have another use - a business & leisure haven.
Hotel in an Abandoned Quarry Site
written by Rey, August 10, 2007
The architectural design of the proposed hotel is amazing. But the engineering plan and design is quite poor. Why? Because the hotel is located in geohazard area. The engineer(s) should conduct a thorough environmental impact study in the area before the hotel is built. Environmental site assessment is needed for such project located in environmentally sensisitive area.
Mind blowing!!!
written by Sunday joseph, August 10, 2007
Not only extremely fastinating but the environmently friendly characteristic of it , makes it simply the best.......... ;D
Think this out people
written by KayLa, August 10, 2007
steven, what makes you think they don't already have a plan for water level control? It's obvious that they will... people who design these structures are smart. They aren't going to tramadol next day delivery leave something so obvious unthought of. And Rey... if the project is viagra sales on line being persued, I can 0 gerantee you that a "thorough environmental impact study" has been conducted. They wouldn't buid a structure without knowing that it would be safe for people and the environment both. Just because the artical doesn't talk about it doesn't mean it hasn't been done.

I think the design is absolutly amazing!
written by CGretsch, August 11, 2007
kayla, you really should check your spelling before you shoot people down.
written by cindy, August 11, 2007
AWESOME! I dont know how everythng works,but the pictures sure look like a sirene place to spend a vacation,and to know its planet friendly!
great idea- good area
written by big daddy, August 11, 2007
I think we can all agree that this is a good thing. The design, sustainability, and building site are all fantastic. The best part, in my opinion, is the area- geographically -in which it is being built. Ecologically sound tourism is a far better way to generate income (in a country that can be considered borderline 3rd-World) than the natural alternatives to viagra highly poluting manufacturing taking place there now. Thankfully, the Chinese government is slowly catching on to the fact that poluting their land is not, really, a good thing :P. P.S. Even though I have no room to talk, we could all use a little more spell-check and punctuation-check. ;D :
written by RoseAnn, August 11, 2007
L just found you, thanks for helping our planet, maybe someday everyone will wake up. There are a lot of us who do what we can even tho its small things I am sure it helps. The place is beautiful and wow.

Wish I could spend few days & stay at th
written by Siew Fern, August 27, 2007
Undeniabely, this quarry hotel is really a breathtaking building. I have given an assignment to do the specification of this hotel.
The Great Chinese Mind
written by Yao Ming, February 05, 2008
;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* :'( :)
indoor waterfalls
written by indoor waterfalls, July 09, 2010
Your sci-fi hotel is very beautiful. It's amazing and visit our site levitra headaches unbelievable.

It is so elegant. That's a very big water feature you have. I love it.
written by Lelouch, August 11, 2010
is this for real? If it is . . . It is a one big WOW!

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