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JUL 09

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"I'm from Fresno, and there's been talk of making this area the Solar V..."

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World's Biggest Solar Farm Planned (again)

I'm starting to think that Moore's law applies to more than silicon chips....maybe to silicon panels as well. It seems that every new solar plant announced is buy generic levitra cheap an order of magnitude bigger than the last. And Cleantech's proposal for a 80 megawatt farm is, indeed, an order of magnitude bigger than anything else currently installed (and two times bigger than anything else on the generic viagra levitra cialis drawing board.)

However! I'd rather not start counting our megawatts before they've been installed. The press release made the rounds to just try! cialis profesional all the major news sources, but no one seemed concerned that all Cleantech has done so far is sent out a press release. They don't have a contract with a panel manufacturer. They don't have a plan for transmission lines and, most annoying, they have not yet located, let alone purchased, the 640 acres of land that will be necessary for the plant.

But if they do get this thing off the ground, it will be a new era in solar power. How long before solar power plants produce hundreds, or even thousands of megawatts? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Via Reuters

-900 Acres of Canadian Solar-
-(previously) The World's Largest Solar Project-
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long term
written by James, July 10, 2007
Assuming this actually gets built and assuming there will be other like it, I hope that these companies plan for the future. The experimental panels that go up to 40.x% won't be mass production ready for a while. So, I hope there will be upgrade plans and recycling plans and what not. Long term is something us humans tend to shirk.
written by jack, July 11, 2007
I'm from Fresno, and there's been talk of making this area the Solar Valley of Silicon....and I'm all for it. But, like Hank, I'm a little cautious- 640 acres (a square mile) is a lot of land (where they going to get it?), and there's a lot more to do to real viagra overnight get it done.

That said, I'd also like to mention the 1 megawatt solar panel project Fresno State is engaged in- they are covering all the parking lots with roofing covered with solar panels. This is a double plus good thing- not only will it take care of about 20% of the university's electric needs, but it'll shade everyone's cars from the pfizer viagra 50mg hot California sun (and make people less inclined to turn on their air conditioners).

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