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JUL 16

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"I have researched many glasses and found that the Vuzix Video Eyewear ..."

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Why is we recommend canadian levitra 50mg Video Eyewear Green?

There are some excellent strides being made in LCD efficiency, and OLED displays promise to continue that trend. But while LCDs and Plasma sets are more efficient per square inch than CRTs ever were, they're also allowing us to build and sell much larger sets.

This thirst for the big screen is driving energy demands higher even as sets could be getting more efficient. Which is why I'm blogging about MyVu. While I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of these in public, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to a 42 inch plasma screen.

The MyVu exploits your brain's ability to infer distance by placing two video screens near your eyes, but separated so that the screen appears to be a big screen TV several feet away from you. Apparently it's not an easy sensation to wrap your brain around, especially since the glasses allow you to look around them and continue seeing your surroundings.

It seems a little 1990's cyberpunk, but the important thing is that it decreases the gay cialis actual screen size to a couple of square inches instead of 800. The result is a more environmentally friendly, and signficantly cheaper option.

Though, sitting around with the family watching a movie wouldn't  be quite the same if it didn't matter which direction everyone was facing. Plus, you're never quite sure what dirty Uncle Jimmy is actually watching.
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written by Andrew D, July 17, 2007
Not to mention, if each eye is shown a different image, the potential is there for a 3D perspective!
written by Darius, July 17, 2007
i-glasses from the 0s did this and more, they even had a motion sensors to be able to move your head and turn the video in games as in VR. There were a few games that took advantage of recommended site where can i purchase cialis this very well.
written by Darius, July 17, 2007
that was from the 90s :) also Sony used to make a very nice set with adjustable transparency levels so one could walk with them on ;)
written by Aaron, July 17, 2007
Nice design and all but resolution is really bad. 320x240. Can you imagine watching a movie at that res at a size of 27 inches from 2 metres away.

At 50-60 Hz I doubt that 3D would be possible without giving you seizures from all the screen flashing.

I believe there are better spec models out there then this one. I think there are even OLED models around.

here is a link to the PDF manual:
written by Jessica Schessler, July 17, 2007
Wouldn't that be terrible for your eyes?
written by erik, July 20, 2007
OLED is really a amazing technology! A info and news site about oled is
written by Verre, June 30, 2008
The models of relaxview have better resolution. (
Vuzix Video Eyewear
written by Ian Cleary, July 02, 2008
I have researched many glasses and found that the Vuzix Video Eyewear /a> is the levitra discounts best glasses on the market. They may look a bit chunky but the AV930 gives you full VGA resolution and VR920 supports head tracking. Anyway that's just my opinion!


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