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JUL 20

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"Something has to be done about the waste of drinking water used for fl..."

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DuH! Using Sink water to Flush the Toilet

Large scale LEED projects sometimes install massive systems to treat and real cialis for sale re-use greywater (water from sinks that has been used for washing, as opposed to sewage waste, which is termed black water) for flushing toilets. Now, you can do the same thing in your very own home!

The Aqus system collects the water from a bathroom sink and filters and disinfects it before it gets re-used as flush water for an adjacent toilet. (There is nothing that would prevent this from being used in a large-scale LEED project either.)

"Our system is expected to cialis overnite save between 10 and 20 gallons of brand name viagra fresh water per day for two person bathrooms with normal activities. This represents between 3,650 and 7,300 gallons of fresh water saved per year. An equal amount of wastewater cost is also saved." This would mean an annual savings of $40.88 to $81.76 (based on an average rate of $5.60 per 1,000 gallons) from using a device like this.

The Aqus system can be retrofitted to an existing toilet without great difficulty (the company likens it to the difficulty of installing a new toilet and/or an over-the-stove microwave oven). It can be connected to a standard 1.6 gallon two-piece toilet.

via: Architectural Products magazine

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Sink to toilet ...
written by A Siegel, July 21, 2007
This looks like a high-tech (EcoGeek) variant of a direct sink to toilet system already on the market.

You might be interested in Pee-cycling ... and a more sustainable life ... (
written by mind, July 22, 2007
i'm already using sink water to flush toilet waste - when i'm at someone else's house, i simply pee in the sink
written by alright, July 22, 2007
My turds smell like toothpaste now! Thanks man ;D
Cool idea.
written by chaosgone, July 22, 2007
That's a good idea. :D
written by Rick Stammer, July 22, 2007
It seems to buy cialis online site me that the pfizer viagra webpage click now buy levitra online without prescription math is horribly incorrect. 3,650 times 5.60 gives half of the value stated and the same is true with the 7,300 value. I am by no means attempting to say it shouldn't be done, but the math was strangely, inappropriately, and pointlessly misrepresented.

written by eBooksBay, July 22, 2007
That's smart idea!
Math does make sense
written by Sam, July 22, 2007
Hi - the math does make sense actually. Not sure how useful it is, admittedly.

10 gallons * 365 days = 3650 gallons
20 gallons * 365 days = 7300 gallons
Correct there; assuming $5.60 per 1,000 gallons
3.65 * $5.60 = $20.44
7.30 * $5.60 = $40.88
Allow for 'an equal amount of wastewater savings'
$20.44 * 2 = $40.88
$40.88 * 2 = $81.76

Sure, it's spurious accuracy, but I don't think the idea that you would save $40-80 per year is at all unreasonable.

I could see this being actually a really economic cost saving device for sale in some areas where water prices are very high. For example islands - certainly here in the UK the Isle of tramadol uk Wight has water prices many times that anywhere else in the country due to the inevitable extreme shortages that occur on a small heavily populated island largely made of permable chalk. Cost savings there would be a lot higher than $40-80, despite the fact that waste water is usually charged flat-rate to households in the UK.
Would there be enough sink water?
written by Mimsey, July 22, 2007
It does seem a good idea, but I don't think we generate enough sink water to provide enough water for the buy tramadol online saturday delivery toilet.
Enough sink water?
written by earl greywater, July 22, 2007

1. water-conserving 5 minute shower is 13 gallons

2. toilet flush is 1.6 gallons (or more - see link below), so let's say 5 flushes per day per person, or 16 gallons per person per day.

3. bathroom sink uses 1-2 gallons per minute. Say 3 uses per person per day, or 4 gallons.

It seems obvious that the real match for the toilet is shower graywater, not sink graywater.

oh sweet
written by fenix, July 22, 2007
I wanna do this mod lolol
Good idea
written by Steven, July 23, 2007
kewl that is great stuf I like
I don't think so
written by Yeah, July 23, 2007
bathroom sink uses 1-2 gallons per minute. Say 3 uses per person per day, or 4 gallons.

uhh... only if you leave it on full blast it might produce that much. ...also spraying water all over your shirt. I dunno about you but I rarely wash my hands after a #1, I know how to handle it. Even if, someone probably doesn't have the water on for more than 15 seconds. Sooo... that's NOTHING. Would be better off storing water from the shower.
The Biggest Hurdle..
written by Thursday, July 23, 2007
...With using grey water where I live is municipal bylaws. It's a long, slow process to get laws changed!
Re: There would be enough water
written by Tim, July 23, 2007
The AQUS site FAQ explains:

2. What Happens if There is Too Little Water Going Down the Bathroom Sink?
A. ...When the vanity tank is empty, the normal flesh water valve is opened and the toilet fill cycle is completed with fresh water. The system always uses the vanity tank’s reused water first then supplements it with fresh water.

Not a rigorous solution for water conservation but it seems easy to install and use and would be a great way to start conserving
Here is a product that does exactly this
written by James, July 23, 2007

And with regard to the volumes mentioned above this one uses only 4.5 litres (about 1 gal) for full flush & 3 litres for half flush
toilet upgrade
written by Josh, July 23, 2007
I have a digital toilet. i just change the bios depending on how much poop is in the bowl 8)
toilet upgrade
written by Josh, July 23, 2007
sometimes it gives the BSOD (Brown Shoes of Death) and I need to format with a plunger jump drive.
don't bother unless you're in unusual ci
written by Joseph E. Davis, July 23, 2007
As long as they charge the correct market price for water, including to farmers, we shouldn't be overly paranoid about saving water. It's a closed system after all.
written by Steve Louis, July 23, 2007
Joseph Davies,
Your ignorance in regard to water is terrifying! You must be American. It is well known throughout most of the world that water scarcity is one of the biggest threats facing humankind (even in the good 'ol US of A)! You would do well to inform yourself about how little of the world's water is fresh (i.e. drinkable), how polluted that bit is, and what has to be done to treat it.
closed system = fallacy
written by jim, July 23, 2007
we ARE in a closed system on earth wrt water; the only additional inputs are comet ice, and that is a tiny contribution over a huge time scale.

The problem is not whether it's a closed or open system but that the natural hydrological cycle is being disrupted by industrial activities, i.e. logging and intensive agriculture which leaches the soil of nutrients past points of genuine cialis online replenishment and viagra 20 mg causes desertification (less food for all of us) and reduced runoff and water going into aquifers (depletion past break-even points, causing scarcity) as well as human water use that renders that water unusable for humans (pumping fresh water that is otherwise used for drinking into oil wells to keep oil pressure high, or using it in high-tech manufacturing -- the fresh water in those activities is thereafter NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN USE)

IT sounds crazy, but do some more research on the basic science and you will recognize that human industrial activity is actually REDUCING the TOTAL amount of fresh water available in the world more rapidly than the natural cleaning and replenishment systems can replace it. Combine this with the population explosion and privatization of fresh water and you have a recipe for disaster. And if you think you are safe because you live in the 1st world Western democracy think again buddy, when was the last year the Rio Grande river reached the ocean?
written by Barnaby, July 23, 2007
I don't care if I run out of water, and long as I have diet coke.
excuse me
written by had3z, July 23, 2007
but if those two are at the same level, how is the water moved to the toilet reservoir? by an electric pump?

and there is no mention about the costs of filters or other products that disinfect the grey water.
no way
written by sgvprelude, July 24, 2007
how efficient will that filter be? I don't want to be flushing away food i just digested with scraps that I didn't finish from dinner, and I don't want to be changing filters every week. $40-80 a year isn't much of a savings if I'm paying $100-200 in filters.

We should just pump salt water from the ocean to flush our toilets, that's where it all ends up anyways.
Why filter and disinfect flush water?
written by Stephen Rees, July 24, 2007
If all you are going to do is flush it down the toilet why on earth does it need to be clean? Isn't that the point of using "grey water"?
I wouldn't want to change that filter
written by Rich Lather, July 24, 2007
That's fine until someone pukes in the sink.... :'(
I would think the water from doing clothes would be a bit cleaner and would really only need a screen rather than a disposable filter. With the sink thing, you've really only exchanged fresh water for oil in the form of plastic and transportation (from China?) of the filter.

I've thought about the fresh-water flush problem in the past.
Why in the world..?
written by NJ, July 24, 2007
Well what kind of person pukes in a sink anyways? And even if you did puke in the sink it would be the same as puking in the toilet if you do decide to use this system. :- As gross as that sound, its true.
written by Joe, July 24, 2007
A system that requires a constantly pluged in 12 volt pump, instead of...nothing. Wouldn't a switch to low flow toilets, sink aerators, and personal accountability when it comes to water conservation make more economic and environmental sense? Or, put a bucket in the shower with you.
Good Idea
written by a little kid, July 25, 2007
:)I think this is a great idea because the thought behind it is to be helpful....Any idea like that is great- even if it doesn't work- it's just a helpful idea. :)
written by Herno, July 25, 2007
I don´t think electricity is an issue when it comes to water, it´s all priorities.I also think it´s better using shower water than sink water.
Really though
written by Tim, July 26, 2007
Seriously though guys, pee in the sink. Zip up, dribble some water into your hand and splash it over your mess if you must. Easy with little practice.

Ladies, practice peeing standing up while showering. Then one day you'll have the skills to pee in the sink too! Amuse the viagra uk online viagra uk neighbors! Impress your boss! Baffle the dog!
written by jeremy, July 26, 2007
Whatever happened to out-houses anyway? They don't use any water. Sure they smell bad, but who cares, you're there to take a dump.
written by nhut, July 26, 2007
i pee in the laundry sink in the basement as often as possible. a quick running of the water is all is needed, saves a lot of water.
written by Firm, July 27, 2007
I've thought about the fresh-water flush problem in the past.
written by raghibsuleman, July 27, 2007
Really that is Good idea!........................
written by Karadeniz gazete, July 30, 2007
Cool, I like it
It's Food!
written by Thursday, July 31, 2007
jeremy -

I use a composting toilet, but I'm on a farm and we can. Not sure how possible that would be for city folk! ;)
written by Rich, July 31, 2007
I live in a teacher's housing apartment in Japan and it's had one of those toilet lid sinks since it was built more than 30 years ago. I think it might have been new technology at the time as it's got a sticker on the toilet lid explaining how to use the bewildering sit-down, western-style toilet (eg. don't squat on the seat).
written by Bob, August 05, 2007
For some years I have had a toilet tank wash basin installed in a rental property. It always inspires shock and awe in those who see it for the first time, similar to all the reactions expressed by readers of this website. Later on, everyone loves it.

It does not have to be a trauma. As soon as you understand that you are not using water from the toilet tank, but instead are saving water by letting sink basin water work twice by operating the toilet, the picture seems so much rosier.

For those who want to wash their hands in warm or hot water, why not do what I did: mount your hot and brand viagra for sale cold water on the wall above the toilet top wash basin, and flowing directly into that basin. Why, I even have a mirror on the wall for shaving and - can even wash my face and brush my teeth - just like a real sink! All that water then flows directly into the toilet tank and later is used again to flush the cialis cheapest toilet - great, no?!

You save space, save water, and can have a toilet space separate from your bathing area – providing privacy and making more efficient use of your bathroom facilities, which I find superbly civilized.
wash hands
written by madwoman, August 07, 2007
If you are going to pee in the sink, I suppose you're going to wash your hands in the toilet flush tank.

NB please don't pee in my sink. Or in my flush tank. Yuk.
written by marilyn, August 08, 2007
I am all for saving water any way we can, but please, please, please wash your hands, fellas, after you urinate. If you don't wash your hands and then go out in the world touching everything, other people's hands end up with germs on them from your private parts. That is unbelievably gross to me. The urine part is not as bad as handling your privates...urine is an almost totally sterile medium as it leaves the body.
all natural
written by icefish, August 08, 2007
the boys in my family seem to enjoy peeing off the deck - it's made the butterfly bush really really happy over the years. I haven't asked the neighbors.
Way cool
written by Hyrum, August 12, 2007
I wonder how long it will take for every one to replace their toilets.
written by luke, August 18, 2007

I've thought about the fresh-water flush problem in the past.
written by Free Viagra, August 26, 2007
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Good ideas!
written by 搬屋, September 19, 2007
Really, I's a good ideas.
A stitch in time...
written by Lisa, October 21, 2007
Yep, it's true, we Americans are far behind the curve. I live in Atlanta where we are literally about to run out of water. Everywhere you go you hear people saying "how did this happen!?" They don't recall the online pharmacy viagra cialis legislation they spurned a decade ago to reign in uncontrolled resource consumption. At that time they were saying "I don't care about politics as long as there's water when I turn on the tap." Well, we are about to see the consequences.
I live in an apartment and can't make installations, but I have a Little Giant pump that I use to pump shower water into 5 gal buckets for the toilet and buy viagra on line wash. Not a hard change!
written by Flo, November 22, 2007
What about all those toxic chemicals (tide, dish, hair products, prescription drugs, all that stuff gets washed down the drain...Yuck! I think we need to stop using harsh chemicals and have higher expectation to keep what little of our clean water clean!
written by Jane, November 23, 2007
Why do we stay so attached to flush toilets? All that waste should be going into methane digesters, producing fuel to cook or heat the buildings. No fresh water should be getting used for sewage! And if you are using a flush toilet, why would gray water coming into it need to be purified first?
About grey water
written by Fault, November 24, 2007
Purification is needed because bacteria just love the dirty water created by washing human skin, and it becomes a health (and odor) hazard quite quickly at room temperature (~24-48hrs). Which is inconvenient during regular times, and potentially disastrous in times of epidemic.

This system is designed to retrofit old systems, thus saving a lot of the resources required to install an entirely new (though much improved) plumbing system. Bravo.
Aquasana Deluxe Combo Pack
written by Water Filters, November 27, 2007
Aquasana AQ-4200 Combo Pack
The Aquasana Combo-Pack combines 2 of the most unique and beneficial products available anywhere into a value added package with added savings.
You get the #1 rated AQ-4000 Dual-Filter Countertop Drinking Water System complete with filter cartridges and all required faucet connections, documented to be the highest rated home water filtration system in America... for both performance & value!
written by Mike, January 19, 2008
Some places don't have sewer this could help the cesspools out
written by Josef, April 13, 2008
Hello, I want to know, what ist the prive von one toilet?
Thanks. Josef
toilet fun?
written by Poor Richard, April 16, 2008
A couple things to ponder -

1. Using shower or sink water to flush toilets is a good idea but for much less money / hassle - you can reduce toilet water consumption by filling a half gallon or 2 liter jug with water (or sand) and putting in the flush tank. You might have to flush twice after a serious "load" but it saves a lot of water. You could similarly use small rocks or something else to displace the levitra on sale water volume in the flush tank. No need to send a fully functional toilet to the local landfill when you can easily modify its operation.

2. Our environment and many sanitary sewer systems ARE indeed closed systems. Saying that drinkable water is finite is ludicrous. It's all a matter of priorities and costs. We know how to turn salt water to drinking water and we know how to treat wastewater (black & grey) to make it cleaner than the most pristine mountain stream.

3. The people trying to scare you about the lack of drinking water are the same jerkoffs trying to scare you about man-made climate change. It's a bunch of nonsense.

4. Atlanta has problems because they aren't (yet) treating their waste water and putting it back in the rivers (upstream of the tap). They'll hopefully figure it out soon.

5. Widespread ignorance is a more frightening epidemic than any environmental concerns we might have.

Poor Richard
shower toilet
written by Darwin Finch, July 10, 2008
If you could connect an upstairs shower to a downstairs toilet, then you could use the greywater more effectively and use gravity to power it all. This would also be a good setup in an apartment, connecting each shower to the toilet in the apartment below it, but then everyone would be annoyed by having their toilet full of the upstairs neighbor's hair, dog shampoo, and other stuff.
written by jim, July 20, 2008
Save a gallon of water. Pee outside.
Pee on the bushes
written by Bonnie, August 01, 2008
I pee on the bushes outside. The bushes love it... all those nitrates... I poop on the neighbor's lawn... why not... after all, their dog poops on mine.
written by Terri, October 20, 2008
Seems like it would be a great way to cut down on water consumption!
written by sarah, January 05, 2009
This seems like a great invention. HOWEVER upon reading the comments i was DISGUSTED to find out that someone pees in another person's sink?! how filthy of a person are you? that is not only unhygienic-think about the person who accidentally drops their toothbrush in the sink, to only put it right back in their mouth; we've all been there-but it is also disgusting, rude and disrespectful. hopefully i'll never have you as a guest in my house.
home made bucket flush system
written by Lisa, January 26, 2009
I have a home made bucket flush system. I took the pipes out from under the sink and "installed" a bucket. I then "manually" use the bucket to flush the toilet. I have PLENTY of bucket water and sometimes even too much and have to flush when I don't really need to. Anyone who says they don't have enough bucket water isn't washing their hands! Yikes! one hand washing is enough for one bucket flush. From working with sick old people, I learned that you should be washing your hands to the tune of cialis online without prescription "row row row your boat" or "happy birthday" - and you don't stop washing your hands til you're done with the song. If you just dip your hands in water you're not really getting your hands clean. So, this points out two issues - sanitary ones of washing your hands and of course reusing that grey water for flushing. I turned off the freshwater for the toilet and I have plenty enough grey water for flushing.
Sea water for flushing toilets.
written by Maureen Webb, May 04, 2009
Reply to 'no way'
Sea water would cause havoc at the sewage treatment works as the levels of salt in the water would kill the bacteria needed for treating the cialis samples sewage. This is why the discharge from water softeners cannot be discharge into sewage treatment plants.
Interflush water saving toilet device
written by sewage treatment plants, May 04, 2009
Also, take a look at the 'Interflush' water reducing retrofit device for toilets. It makes normal loos even more efficient than dual-flush toilets.
Welcome, 21st Century!
written by Uncle B, May 06, 2009
The "Crapper" is so 19th century British technology, a fetish we are still stuck with, belongs with green lawns, Bentley cars, Smokers Lounges, powdered wigs and "Gentry". What will the 21st Century bring? Something less odoriferous, more sanitary, cheaper, and eco friendly? I hope so! If we didn't add all that flush-water to our feces, we could make bio-gas from it, for running cars, small appliances and power generators, and a treated sludge for fertilizing gardens, farms, and trees - all by-products, all free! Washing hands still counts big in my books, and the gray water can go directly to the veggie gardens, flower beds, and lawns, for cheap irrigation. In a technologically savvy world, the American home should serve as a veggie garden, solar power and heat collector, Water collector and preserver, sewage recycler, wind generator, and all around survival shelter for the next round of financial fiasco, bankster debaucheries, and Wall Street swindles - We are fools to build McMansions to enrich the corporations and banks, and starve in the down times. We need sensible technologies to support our survival, and untie us from this slavery!
Let's make pissing Green!
written by Jim Morrison, August 12, 2009
What I do to be more earth conscious is piss straight into my own mouth. This method eliminates all waste, saves water, and has been said to lower blood pressure. I believe that everyone should drink their pee, and everyone should shit in the garden. You know, to fertilize the soil.

Another green alternative to conventional toilet pissing is salad dressing. Most of the time, no one will even know.

Recycle your yellow;
Go Green!
Genius Idea!
written by Yosef, September 24, 2009
This is very cool, I just referenced this and another product in a forum (
Why bother disinfecting it?
written by Tim, December 27, 2009
You're just going to foul the water anyway, why bother cleaning it before it goes into the cistern?
Cool product. Likely not worth all the hype but useful nevertheless.
written by Builder, March 03, 2010
I actually agree with one of the posters here that numbers don't seem to add up. A saving of 20 or even 10 gallons a day for a two-person family seems to be WAY too optimistic. If you were using flush water in your sink as some of buy cialis once daily the readers here seems to erroneously assume this system does, you may be talking about something like 20 gallons a day this system has to pass but there is just no way anyone uses 5 gallons of water per day just to wash their hands. Again, assuming normal operation. Also, in those parts of the world that may have spare income to actually purchase this system there is usually more than one bathroom for a family of two, so if you had to install two of these, you'd have half of its efficiency. We have discussions about gray water (which is a more general term for this concept), like this one: all the time but most people agree that this is a great concept that's usually lacking in efficiency and cumbersome in execution. A much better concept in my mind would be to require all new construction houses to use dual-lush toilets. Just a couple of those half-flushes per day will save more water than an average person uses to wash their hands. These cost just a little extra and it seems that without a little push from the building codes they just can't get enough traction here in US to catch on and benefit from larger sales and bring the costs down. Even then it is still cheaper than a whole gray water recycling system.
That was the end of my 2c.
Quick reply about disinfecting the buy levitra at a discount gray water
written by Builder, March 03, 2010
Why bother disinfecting? Well, the gray water has all the bacteria you are washing OFF your hands - the main purpose of the sink. If you let it sit in the toilet for a couple of days, especially in the summer, it will be a bacteria Fest in there, definitely anti-sanitary and the flush water would be discolored and smelly. So, year, you definitely want that water disinfected. Maybe not to drinking grade of cheap pharmacy viagra course but at least to some degree.
written by Penelope, April 26, 2010
SO, whatever happened to :"If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down." Works for me. No cost, no hassle and since I live alone no one is bothered by it. I am however looking into the sink to toilet flush system. There is always more we can do to conserve.
I think this is a far better alternative
written by Kate, June 04, 2010

Found all over Japan, the faucet emits the amount of water needed to flush the toilet, but into a sink-like tank lid instead. This is designed specifically for after-toilet hand-washing, which prevents issues like food scraps in the tank, etc.
Use rainwater for flushing toilets
written by Rainwater Harvesting Systems, June 29, 2010
If you install a rainwater harvesting system you can use free rain for flushing the toilet.
written by ecogeek, August 02, 2010
What if the sink was attached to the back of the toilet?

As in the resevoir is filled via the sink, and it turns on when you flush and turns off when it is filled.

written by Jo, February 18, 2011
The savings are really much are they?smilies/cry.gif
Rainwater for flushing toilets
written by Rainwater harvesting systems in the UK, February 20, 2011
Why not use rainwater for flushing the toilet? It is free, clean and sustainable.

You can also buy toilets that have the basin built in on top of the cistern. When you pull the plug, the water goes straight into the cistern by gravity.
Japan does this
written by solar panels for sale, June 02, 2011
Japan has actually had a system to this for s along time. Basically it allows water to come out of a faucet before filling the tank so you can wash your hands with the water before it fills the how to get viagra tank. But it is starting to become more rare.
Similar toilet in Japan
written by solarpanelsforsale, June 02, 2011
Not the same, but a system that allows you to use the fill water to wash your hands before it fills the toilet. I am seeing them less often now days though.
Similar toilet in Japan
written by interior design, November 24, 2011
Not the same, but a system that allows you to use the fill water to wash your hands before it fills the toilet. I am seeing them less often now days though.
written by josephtran, December 14, 2011
You're just going to foul the water anyway, why bother cleaning it before it goes into the cistern?
Penny Pincher
written by Cleaning fan, June 18, 2012
I am a huge penny pincher, and I wouldn't mind have an extra 40-80 dollars a years just by using a different water system in my bathroom. Then I could take that money and hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean my house once a year! It would be worth it just for that. Is this something that I could install myself?
Great Ideas
written by Septic tank emptying, January 04, 2013
Some really great comments and ideas here. Obviously using the waste water from your sink is a great idea but I also really like the idea of using rain water... particularly as we get so much rain here int he Lake District. Thanks
Who runs ten gallons of water a day through their bathroom sink?
written by myosemite, June 03, 2013
Who runs ten gallons of water a day through their bathroom sink?
bathroom products
written by bathroom products, September 13, 2013
The company Roca has a toilet like this! Very useful! I think it is a great idea smilies/smiley.gif
Save Water
written by septic tank emptying services, May 19, 2014
Something has to be done about the waste of drinking water used for flushing toilets. Good idea.

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