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JUL 24

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Solar Roasted Coffee

Lots of labels and best cialis price distinctions about coffee are part of the contemporary coffee culture. "Fair Trade," "Shade Grown," "Organic" are all labels that regular coffee drinkers are familiar with. EcoGeeks can now add another one to their repetoire: "Solar Roasted."

Archimedes used the buy canada in cialis power of the sun to repel the Roman navy from Syracuse; things have gotten more prosaic since then.

The Solar Roast company uses a 10 foot (3 meter) diameter reflector array to heat its roaster to 600 degrees F (315 degrees C) with nothing more than sunlight. The company also has a coffee shop they operate in conjunction with their roasting operations in Pueblo, Colorado (a place with lots of only now cialis australia sunshine). But the company offers its coffee by mail order, so you can get a piece of your own "sun in your cup" wherever you are.

via: The Sietch and GreenOptions

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written by Joel, July 25, 2007
I wonder if a local, coal-fired electric coffee roaster might have a smaller carbon footprint than mail-order, solar-roasted coffee. I bet a local gas-fired one would.
Emerging market innovation
written by James, July 26, 2007
Great post. And there's some amazing stuff coming out of emerging markets, like a project from Sasol in South Africa that is converting greenhouse gas N20 into harmless oxygen and nitrogen. See for more.
Gourmet coffee
written by suma valluru, August 09, 2007
Hi, the blog is very informative and useful for all..
solar power is to be used for every source in life...

suma valluru
written by trytrtuytui, December 03, 2007 فاركس

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