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MAY 11

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Free parking for hybrids

Just another should-you-go-hybrid? story from As usual, the {mosimage}answer to levitra buying the headline's question isn't in the text. Instead, they list seven ways that you can save cash by buying a hybrid car.

Seven ways in addition to buying less gas, that is.

Anyway, here's my favorite part:

"Several major cities — including Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque — offer free metered parking for hybrids. Other cities are considering similar measures. Free parking doesn't mean you can't be ticketed, however, so abide by the meter restrictions — no hogging that prime space all day in a two-hour spot. You'll also need to register your car. Albuquerque asks residents to register with the city's parking office, and place an identification sticker in the vehicle window.

"Hybrid owners can also save on parking permits. Baltimore is offering discounted passes at 15 of its parking garages. At the garage on St. Paul Street, for example, you'll pay only $100 for a monthly pass, compared with $185 for regular vehicles. That's a savings of 46%. In Westchester, N.Y., hybrid owners get free parking at two commuter lots. Passes normally cost $75."

Get more of the financial side of sales viagra buying a hybrid in the full article.

And before you buy your hybrid to get free parking, check with your city's specific rules for this type of thing -- I read complaints on wow it's great no prescription a Prius message forum that San Jose's law, for example, may require that you buy your hybrid car in San Jose to qualify.

That is a clever way to get more people behind passing that sort of bill, though -- suddenly you've got all of the greenies united with the car dealerships on it.
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What about other alternative-energy vehi
written by a guest, May 18, 2006
So polluting hybrids with their fossil-fuel exhaust and heavy-metal laden battery waste can park free... but clean-burning biodiesel and vegetable oil vehicles have to pay?
written by debra lombard, January 30, 2009
New HAven CT has such a parking meter law. Hybrids don't need to pay to park at meters. I like the biodiesel idea above. Now if we could just get Metro North to allow any # of bicycles on all trains we'd be talking.
written by hillbilly2, February 13, 2009
so pretty much if you are a free loading hippy you can park for free, but if you actually work for a living you have to pay? liberal logic right there. THEY DONT MAKE HYBRID PICKUP TRUCKS! WHATS US SOUTHERNERS SUPPOSED TO DO?
written by sandy, February 14, 2009
Let me see, the economy is in the toilet, people are losing their jobs, their homes, their good credit(what a scam. But if you can still afford to go by a new car in these times, were going to give you a break, you obviously have more money so we the canadian viagra state gov. is going to help you keep your money, and take more from those who don't. Apathy is the greatest weapon of mass destruction, we are the weakest people in the world, we have zero unity, we are a joke!
Hey hillbilly2, your a lable user, baabaa
written by Paul Revere, February 15, 2009
Hey hillbilly2, your a lable user, baabaa
you are the weakest people in the world, you have zero unity, you are a joke!
written by sandy , February 14, 2009
Hey sandy , your a lable user, WaaaaWaaaa
no more special rights
Paul Revere
Bee Hugger
written by Debbie Colaneri, December 27, 2009
I am planning to build a home as Eco-friendly and as low in VOC's as possible. I'm in upstate NY. Are there really programs out there to assist me in doing this financially and is there a primo resource to viagra generic cheap fast follow to help me build this home from underground up? I would like to include as many solar features as possible but have recently learned that solar companies are taking inexpensive items, building simple solar recovery items and making rediculous profits. I'm not going to give another large money grubbing company tons of money even if they are providing an eco-friendly service. They're still financially raping us.

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