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JUL 27

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"just seen this post, fantastic a 1 gig machine for 750,000 homes that'..."

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Gigantor Wind Turbine Rated at 1 Gigawatt

As wind turbines get bigger, wind power gets cheaper. But the economies of real viagra without a prescription scale are henceforth being blown to new heights...and widths, and weights, with this gigantic maglev wind turbine.

The largest wind turbines in the world produce 5 megawatts of power. This monster would produce a full gigawatt...more than most nuclear power plants, enough to power 750,000 homes.

The turbine is colossal, with a footprint of roughly 100 acres. I can't find statistics onhow tall this thing is, but my guess is several hundred meters. It's huge, and it looks like it would be really quite expensive to build. But the owners of the patent are coming out with some astounding figures. Power could be produced at a price of as little as one cent per kilowatt, and investors would recuperate 100% of their money after just a single year.

Something tells me that these numbers won't be so astoundingly good after the best price levitra design leaves the drawing board. But a 1 cent per kilowatt hour estimate leaves an awful lot of room before it becomes unmarketable.

The biggest problem, of course, is that it would be a huge addition to any landscape, and requires fairly significant wind speeds for maximum efficiency. We'll see if we can strike a compromise that allows people to have cheap power with a new two-hundred-meter-high neighbor on the horizon.

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How much does the thing cost?
written by Jeff, July 28, 2007
In the comparison between the wind mills and this turbine everything favors to turbine, but what about things like production time and costs, sounds levels, maintenance costs, life-span, etc. And then comes the question of locations. There would undoubtedly be a lot of NIMBY action for something that size. But hey, at least it's a new idea and going in the right direction.
written by EV, July 28, 2007
That thing is huge. 100 acres is 1/6.4 of a square mile. This things construction would be on the order of the best site where to get levitra cheap a skyscraper or a large office building. Maybe this would be built in the middle of nowhere, say near a hydro electric dam, but I don't see it being built anywhere else.

I've wondered why they don't build smaller ones in this style, instead of the current three rotor kind. I'm also curious as to how many generators this thing would need. I don't think you could have a single one provide that much power.
written by Tobias, July 28, 2007
The main problem I see with this thing is that if it breaks down there will be a big gap in the power-supply. I think that's a rather big problem when you're discussing small a lot vs huge few. But that's just my opinion.
"The Wind" video
written by Marilyn Terrell, July 29, 2007
Have you seen this little video interview with The Wind? I love it!
written by Eric, July 29, 2007
one of those would be quite amazing. replace some of the nevada turbines with that...... wayyyyyyy better. but i'd really like to learn more about their plans with the maglev aspect. will they be using a mass of rare earth magnets?????? or the viagra gel online without prescription conventional electro-mag? assuming they would be going electro-mag, is it a lot better to kill the friction using electricity or produce more electricity and forget about the friction?????

.....awesome blog!
wind-powered skyscrapers planned for Dub
written by Marilyn Terrell, July 29, 2007
How about a 50-story skyscraper that twists and turns with the wind, with wind turbines in-between the floors, generating enough electricity to power the homes in the tower as well as the surrounding neighborhood?
If only...
written by Pedro, July 29, 2007
...they could get it to 1.21 gigawatts, Doc could use it to get Marty home...
written by Ef You, July 30, 2007
great idea, let's get them all over the california desert
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written by Miguel V., July 30, 2007
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Congratulations for your blog!
Miguel V.
written by CF, July 30, 2007

You could say that about ANY power station.
Shocking Lack of Research
written by jsbarrie, July 30, 2007
I checked out the Maglev site and they don't show any research, they site no papers, they report no proof of concept models made etc. Really large claims have the responsibility to show really large proof.

Fact Check: On the Maglev site they claim wind turbines are less than 1% efficient. They are much better than that. The kinetic energy of a given wind mass varies with the square of its velocity. Because the mass flow increases linearly with the wind speed, the wind power available to a wind turbine increases as the cube of the wind speed.

As the wind turbine extracts energy from the air flow, the air is slowed down, which causes it to spread out and pfizer online viagra diverts it around the wind turbine to we use it viagra pills canadian some extent. Albert Betz, a German physicist, determined in 1919 (see Betz' law) that a wind turbine can extract at most 59% of the energy that would otherwise flow through the turbine's cross section. The Betz limit applies regardless of the design of the turbine.

There was a company called Mag-Wind that was "selling" a roof top mounted windmill similar to this. From reading blogs, they took a lot of people's money but never delivered a single unit.

This, unfortunately, is probably a scam.
written by jack, July 31, 2007
I agree. It didn't look too convincing. Even the click now levitra in canada conceptual drawing sucked.
written by EV, August 01, 2007
@CF, No, actually, you can't. A traditional power plant has multiple generators. Whether it be Coal, Nuclear, Hydro or Oil/Gas. Usually, a power plant as a whole does not go down, just a generator. With this thing, the whole plant would go down, not just a portion of it, if something went wrong.
Viral engineer
written by Ro, June 08, 2008
If men were meant to fly God would given them wings.

Thank God Orville and Wilbur didn't listen to them
written by Bucky the Optimist, July 06, 2008
I think the idea behind the maglev turbine elegant in its simplicity. An ingenius idea definitely worth pursuing. Do the research, build a prototype, measure the results. I would invest in it.
Gigantor Wind Turbine Rated at 1 Gigawatt
written by rob, February 04, 2013
just seen this post, fantastic a 1 gig machine for 750,000 homes that's 1.3mw per house frying tonight wow!!!!

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