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JUL 30

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Detergentless Washing Machine Cleans Clothes and look here order viagra online canada Rivers

Yes, it sounds impossible, but apparently they've done it. A washing machine that doesn't use detergent. It's patented, of course, and it would seem that this machine converts water into a kind of detergent. Any chemist knows that soap, really, is just a way of levitra online us pharmacy making water wetter. And by breaking water into H+ and OH- ions, the Wash2O is able to clean clothes with a slightly basic solution, and then sterlize them with a slightly acidic solution. Then, before dumping the water, everything is mixed back together to pH neutral.

It's a pretty fantastic idea. If you could get on in America, it would set you back about $1000, but remember that you'd never have to buy detergent again, and you wouldn't have to feel bad about dumping phosphates into the rivers.

Though, I think I'll wait to hear some first-hand reports.

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what about electricity?
written by Ben, July 30, 2007
Hydrolysis isn't cheap in terms of the energy required to buy cialis where actually split water molecules. I would have to assume that this washing machine consumes more electricity than your average washer - how much more? If it's significantly more than the levitra levitra average then you have to take into account where you're getting your energy from and factor that into considering whether it's "cleaner" than using a conventional washer with an energy efficient system and biodegradable detergent.

(I'd do the fact-checking on the website myself but, alas, I only speak English.)
What about electricity
written by Dustin Reimer, July 30, 2007
It would be great for those of us interested in generating our own power, I myself am planning on putting in my own mini hydro generator, or a wind generator.
Not Hydrolysis
written by Hank, July 31, 2007
This is a catalytic reaction, not hydrolysis. While I imagine that this uses more electricity than other front-loaders, it's probably not all that significant.

Hydrolysis produces H2 and O2...this is just an acid base reaction.

But you're right, we don't have data on power. Though it's likely that it won't use any more energy than mining, synthesizing, mixing, packaging and shipping detergent.
Well ...
written by Wolf, July 31, 2007
looks like this beastie isn't energy-hungry, it has A/A/B power rating, (A = best, G = worst) eats 1.14 kw, and has no public price, according to the website. on the "On en parle" page ("we speak of it") It is stated "???€" which can be translated by .... at worst 999€ ... equals 1400~ USD.

Besides this little translation for everyone, I'd like to state that for now it is a website, we do order prescription levitra not know if the clothes are well cleaned, or if it is not efficient.

PS : Wash2o reads "wash de zoo" (H2O in french)
Thanks for the french
written by Hank, July 31, 2007
Cheaper solution: eco-balls or soap nuts
written by Klaus Seistrup, July 31, 2007
While I look forward to hear about people's experience with the WasH₂O, a much cheaper solution is eco-balls ( or soap nuts (
written by Dustin Reimer, July 31, 2007
Soap Nuts? Am I the only one that finds this hilarious. :P
Re: Not Hydrolysis
written by Ben, July 31, 2007
Oops... my bad.
written by Rob, July 31, 2007
I've been using them for years -- great stuff. I usually combine them with a little bit of Ecover eco-friendly liquid.
This is chinese ?
written by litteuldav, August 01, 2007
This seems to be a very interesting machine, but is visit web site how can i buy cialis in canada that me or is anybody else intrigued by the the best site free cialis fact that it comes from China ?
For as long as i know, chinese people just begin to look at ecology very recently.
And they didn't really had the time to develop such a technology.

Plus the fact that nobdy has ever heard of this technology before ...

I really will have to listen at first adopters or serious reviews on this product before buying it
written by kballs, August 01, 2007
I assume it does pretty well at getting dirt off, but I wonder how well it does with the old beee ohhh.
written by RMP0228, August 07, 2007
Soap (atleast old-school soap) is basic because traditional soap-making is based on treating fats with lye (very easy to buy cheap online levitra do). It isn't the alkalinity of the soap that makes it good at cutting dirt (acidic soap would work too), it's the fact that it is composed of bestellen levitra online nonpolar chains with polar ends. This allows nonpolar (greasy) substances to be soluble (sort of) in the highly polar H2O via microscopic soap-bubbles (called micelles).

OH- ions themselves are just polar, so nonpolar contaminants like grease are just going to sit right where they are, on your clothes, untouched. That said, this probably works really well if you only get table salt on your clothes...
Soap Nuts Work!
written by Matt Johnson, January 11, 2008
My wife recently purchased a bag of soapnuts to use for cleaning cloth diapers for our baby girl. They worked better than any other laundry detergent she had tried. She was so impressed that she bought them in bulk & opened up an e-store so that she have a home-based business and still raise our daughter. Her site is Check it out!
Soap Nuts are Great!
written by Matt Johnson, January 14, 2008
My wife recently purchased a bag of soapnuts to use for cleaning cloth diapers for our baby girl. They worked better than any other laundry detergent she had tried. She was so impressed that she bought them in bulk & opened up an e-store so that she have a home-based business and still raise our daughter. Her site is Check it out!

Soap nuts (Soapnuts) - Nature's Natural
written by Matt Johnson, February 08, 2008
I’m not an environmentalist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do consider the impact of what I am doing has on the environment. That is why when my wife started using Soap Nuts as our household cleaner, it sparked my curiosity to learn more.

What are Soap Nuts?

Soap Nuts are actually not nuts at all. They are berries (also known as Soap Berries) that grow on trees in India & Nepal. There are two main varieties of Soap Nuts: sapindus trifoliatus (The Small Soap Nut) and sapindus mukorossi (The Large Soap Nut). The Large Soap Nut is the most commonly used in cleaning (probably due to its size & ease of harvesting), but both varieties are quite effective.

How do Soap Nuts Work as a Detergent?

Soap Nuts contain large quantities of saponin in their shells, which acts as a natural, gentle detergent when it comes into contact with water. Without added chemicals, fragrances or dyes, Soap Nuts are safe and gentle for handwashing delicates, yet tough enough for regular laundry. They will leave your laundry soft, clean and fragrance free, without the use of fabric softeners.

Will Soap Nuts Clean Difficult Items?

Yes and No. Soap Nuts are one of the best detergents out there to get rid of bad odors. Musty towels and wash cloths, even cloth diapers, come out smelling fresh and new. When it comes to the best place best cialis price stubborn stains, though, such as blood & red wine, you will want to use a stain remover to help the i need viagra now cleaning process.

What About My Allergies to Soap?

Most allergic reactions to soap are due to added chemicals and fragrance. Soap Nuts are naturally grown and chemical free. When we began using soap nuts for our laundry detergent, the eczema which I had across my chest and belly cleared up and has been gone now for 6 months. Soap Nuts are 100% non-allergenic.

How do I use Soap Nuts in my Laundry?

For Laundry Detergent, you can use Soap Nuts one of two ways:
1. Toss 3 half Soap Nut shells in a small muslin bag (provided with most Soap Nuts orders) and throw it in with your laundry. (Make sure that you take the soap nuts out before putting your clothes in the dryer). The nuts will do 3 or 4 loads.
2. Boil 100 g of Soap Nuts in 12 cups (3L) of water for 30 minutes. The liquid you have is now a concentrated, chemical free detergent. The leftover shells can be placed in your compost. Use 3 Tbsp or 45 ml of this detergent with each load of laundry. This allows you to do approximately 45 loads of laundry. Not bad for under $10!

Can Soap Nuts be used for More Than Just Laundry Detergent?

Yes. Soap Nuts can be used, in the liquid form, for cleaning just about anything. From dish washer soap, to window & glass cleaner, to repairing oily or dry hair, Soap Nuts are a multi-purpose cleaner. For more information on particular applications visit

The End Product Still Goes Down the Drain. Does That Hurt the Environment?

No. Soap nuts are antimicrobial. This means that they actually help in breaking down the grey water in the septic system. Also, you do not have to do a rinse cycle when you do your laundry with soap nuts. This can save gallons of water every wash cycle. Don’t worry, though; if you forget to stop your machine before the rinse cycle the Soap Nuts are just as effective. The amount of cialis online shop uk saponin left in the rinse cycle will just leave your clothes feeling soft.

Soap Nuts are a Win-Win Situation

With great cleaning power, no harmful chemicals, & prices that rival any other detergents, Soap Nuts are one of the best cleaning agents you can buy.

For more information on Soap Nuts & pricing, visit
Soap Nuts (Soapnuts) - The Environmental
written by Matt Johnson, February 11, 2008
Have you ever thought about all the the best place viagra canda chemicals that we pour down the drain daily? What impact do they have on our environment? What does this mean for our children’s future? How can we minimize the harmful chemicals we use & save the environment at the same time? Soap Nuts are the answer.

What are Soap Nuts?

Soap Nuts are not actually nuts at all, but berries (also known as soap berries) that grow on trees in India & Nepal. They contain high concentrations of saponin, which acts as a natural soap when it comes into contact with water.

What can I use Soap Nuts for?

The most common & easiest use of soap nuts is buy propecia international pharmacy as a laundry detergent. Just place three or four half-shells of soap nuts in a muslin bag (provided with most soap nuts orders) and throw it in with your laundry instead of regular detergent and follow link buying levitra in the us you are on your way to becoming environmentally friendly. When using soap nuts in your laundry, you do not even need a rinse cycle, thus preventing gallons of water from unnecessarily going down the drain. If you want to expand your soap nuts into a multi-purpose cleaner, simply boil 100 g of soap nuts in 12 cups (3L) of water for 30 minutes. Fish out the shells, throw them in your compost, & you are left with a highly concentrated, natural, liquid detergent. For more applications, visit

How does the use of Soap Nuts affect Grey Water?

Soap nuts are antimicrobial. After their detergent goes into the sewer system, it helps break down the grey water into a more usable form. The use of soap nuts actually benefit the official canadian pharmacy environment, rather than hurting it as the harmful chemicals we use do. Because of their unique antimicrobial properties, soap nuts are also used in aid of soil restoration.

What harmful chemicals are found in my regular laundry detergent?

Regular laundry detergents may contain any or all of the following:
•Enzymes – Are a skin sensitizer, but may cause dermatitis and allergic reactions
•Sodium Hypochlorite – Causes lung irritations, bronchial or respiratory reactions, cardiovascular damage, as well as eye and skin damage.
•Nonylphenoxy Ethoxylates – Is an edocrine disruptor, and can cause an activation of usefull link levitra from canadian pharmacy cellular estrogen receptors (even at low levels) This is implicated in causes of a rise in breast and prostate cancer, infertility issues, a decline in amphibian populations and the reversal / feminization of birds, fish or reptiles.

Are Soap Nuts Gentle on my skin?

Yes. Soap nuts contain no chemicals, and are therefore non-allergenic. Many people (myself included) who suffered from eczema and other skin irritations have seen their problems diminish after switching to soap nuts as a laundry detergent.

How does my Purchase of Soap Nuts affect India & Nepal?

Your purchase of soap nuts is beneficial to both the economy & environment of India & Nepal. In these two countries, there are many poor people. Because soap nuts are plentiful, they become non-saleable locally. Therefore, soap nut trees become more valuable & marketable as firewood than for the environmentally friendly soap nuts that they grow. When soap nuts are marketed overseas, it employs local residents to harvest them, which in turn, stimulates the economy. At the same time, it makes the trees more valuable living than dead. This helps save our tropical forests.

Soap Nuts are the Environmental Detergent.

The use of soap nuts reduces the use of harmful chemicals, helps in restoring our polluted earth, and saves our tropical forests. Isn’t it time you did your part in painting a greener future for our children?

For more information on soap nuts & pricing visit
Recycling is the Key
written by Mary the only here cheap levitra without prescription prefold cloth diaper lady, July 07, 2011
Modern soap powder is crap. High detergent and full of fillers to bulk it up. The stuff for cold water use is worse still. Ask any drain layer abou the effect od washing powder on cheap levitra generic drains - it can eventually clog them up with gunk. The only washing poweder I know that is not like the above is stuff called SA8 from Amway corporation it is great - no filler, no smell, very low detergent, use so very little per wash. I have used it to wash the prefold cloth diapers and other clothing and viagra online shop in uk it works well.

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