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JUL 30

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"I thought the we use it soft tab levitra danger in "Tornado Alley" was cold air over hot air caus..."

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Creating Tornadoes to Power Cities?

On a list of 'holy sh*t that doesn't really sound like a good idea' ideas, creating tornadoes to price cialis power cities has got to be pretty close to the top. But really, does it sound any more foolish than attempting to control the force of atomic explosions?

No, it isn't crazier than that, and we've managed to make nuclear power work (albeit with some unfortunate consequences) so why not try harnessing some other of buy viagra pills nature's most powerful (and dangerous) forces. Like the tornado!

Louis Michaud can create tornadoes. Of course, right now he's creating very small tornadoes. But if he can make a one meter tall one that produces an excess of power, he's certain that he can create one that is "one to twenty kilometers high" and surrounded by wind turbines that produce 200 megawatts of continuous electricity. The only thing needed to keep the "weather pattern" (monstrous spinning cyclone of death) in place, is a source of heat. This could be geothermal or, more likely, excess heat from a coal or nuclear plant.

Right now the water from these sorts of plants has to be cooled in $20 million towers. Michaud expects to replace these towers with tornadoes by pumping the hot water to a far-away location, heating the canada cialis online ground, and then using the turbines as fans to start the tornado rolling. Quickly, a tornado would form, causing the hot air at the ground to funnel upward into the atmosphere, creating free cooling for the power plant and cialis 10 mg free power for the wind turbines.

The weather pattern would remain self-sustaining for as long as heat was supplied, and it would be unable to escape the plant unless the ground outside of the plant was the same heat or hotter than the pipes from the steam plant (which seems fairly unlikely...unless you're living in a Micheal Crichton which case you will probably fall in love with Helen Hunt, and that's all that will really matter in the end.)

Michaud hopes to build a four, ten, twenty and thirty meter scale version of the plant before finally moving to commercial scale. This will require a lot of R&D funding, but as Michaud expects the levitra testimonial plants to not only make nuclear and coal power cheaper (by obviating cooling towers) but also create extremely inexpensive and continuous wind power, he hopes that investors will be ready to take on the challenge.

As long as they don't build one in my back yard

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written by Kyle, July 31, 2007
That would be a great new method of creating energy, if it can be modeled on a large scale.
written by andrea, July 31, 2007
that doesnt sound good.
i mean it would have a depedency on coal and nuclear both of which are horribly toxic and creating a tornado would cause chances of destruction like a nuclear plant. how is that smart? by the way did hank write this? cause it mentions helen hunt, and from brotherhood 2.0.... you know
written by Thursday, July 31, 2007
Not sure how feasible this is, but it would sure bring in some tourist dollars - I know I'd go see it!

What effects would a constant tornado have on the surrounding atmosphere, anyways?
written by KungFuChef, July 31, 2007
Seems that creating artificial weather could potentially throw things out of whack in the surrounding areas. I suppose thats what all the R&D is for.

Also as another commenter said, the fact that it would rely on coal/nuclear plants to create it's heat could be a problem, not to mention, why would you need MORE excess energy if the coal/nuclear plant is right there in the neighborhood?
Excess energy
written by Jeff, July 31, 2007
If this system can be used to make existing power plants (coal/nuclear) even more efficient by turning the cooling process into a power generation process that would mean fewer new plants would need to come online. The excess energy wouldn't need to stay in immediate vicinity but could be used by other locations that need the power. Sounds like it's worth continuing to only for you womans levitra look into with more R&D.
written by Pedro, July 31, 2007
That's some big thinking, which is always nice to see. But if it works, safely, Jeff is right. No need to build a new coal/nuclear plant, just mate one of these to an existing one at a good enough (and unpopulated) distance.

Nice Twister reference too, btw.
written by josh, August 01, 2007
Yes that sounds more foolish than containing nuclear reactions!
But again, crazy ideas always turn out to be the best ;P

I think that it would be great to harness whatever energy is wasted from coal or nuclear power plants. ahhh the future looks better and better each day on this website!
written by Turin, August 01, 2007
that would be such a cool thing to see off the back porch, why the hell wouldn't you want it in your back yard.

think about it, build a house to the west of that thing and it'll look like the damned thing is on fire every evening, i won't be a tornado like you see in movies or in nature because it would likely be on a large cement slab and wouldn't have all the dust, but on a cloudy day you would have this swirling vortex of terror.

then again I just want to order viagra canada shoot fire works into the thing ;D
written by Suricou Raven, August 01, 2007
Wind sheer.
attempting to control the force of atomi
written by Umm, August 01, 2007
A nuclear power plant doesn't use explosions to create power... It uses a nuclear chain reaction to produce heat which is then used to boil water to make steam and run a steam turbine.
perpetual motion?
written by not likely, August 01, 2007
hmmmmm, sounds like a perpetual motion machine dream. Not having a degree in meteorology nor thermal dynamics I am a bit skeptical about how the recovered energy from a coal or nuclear plant or any other source will generate a force that produces more energy. The article states "The weather pattern would remain self-sustaining for as long as heat was supplied". Where does the heat (i.e. "energy") come from?

I'd be impressed if that first step of capturing the cialis canada prescription wasted energy is put into play.
written by Anon, August 01, 2007
Just wait until they make it and take the other cooling devices off-line. Then the tornado will destroy the wind turbines that keep it going. Then the tornado disappears and there's nothing left to cool the plant, therein causing the plant to have an emergency shutdown
written by N. Gineer, August 01, 2007
The tornado does not act as a perpetual motion machine. Most things that we use to give us power (automobile engines, coal plants, steam turbines, nuclear reactors) are horribly ineffiecient... the usual car engine only puts out around 20% of the power the gasoline could put in it. Nuclear plower plants (and most power plants, actually) throw off a lot of excess heat.

The tornado acts as a giant Sterling Engine... reclaiming that otherwise unusable heat and powering something else.
written by PaulGuise, August 01, 2007
This actually sounds more plausible than the myth of cold fusion at least. And as one person pointed out "why do we need an excess of power if there is a nuclear plant down the road", it because there is always a need for more power. Just look at your office. What in there doesnt need electricity?
remember the viagra pills canadian Yen Tornado?
written by Gerry, August 01, 2007
They are going to pipe cooling water how far and expect it to stay hot?

The Yen Tornado was a sort of windmill, consisting of a vertical spiral tube open on the windward side, and with a heat source at the bottom and the best choice high quality levitra a turbine at the top, I think. Incoming wind would accelerate around the curve of the spiral, and, along with the rising hot air, a captured tornado would form. I like the 'captured' part.
Nuclear much safer.
written by AlexHunter, August 01, 2007
This sounds actually a lot more dangerous than Nuclear. Nuclear power has nothing to do with explosions and it is physically impossible for a Nuclear reactor to become a bomb. New ways fow energy are always a neat consideration, but this sounds to me that it will be about as efficient as solar power. So if we enjoy paying $80/MW-hr for electricity, well then awesome. If not, lets stick to hydroelectric and Nuclear.
written by Dean, August 01, 2007
not likely: read the page again, the energy to create the tornado comes from the heat from the power stations. its nothing like perpetual motion you fool.
written by Harry, August 01, 2007
This was on an episode of cialis dosage Sliders a long time ago. It destroyed the world, because we couldnt control the tornadoes. I bet thats whats gonna happen here
geothermal; hmmmmm.....
written by geothermal?, August 01, 2007
Obviously there are issues with nuclear and coal, but the writer also mentioned geothermal - and what comes to mind is deep heat - drill down, tap heat below the cialis online without prescription earth's crust, and create controlled tornados for energy. Read up on Schauberger for a glimpse into the potential of the tornado or vortex.

And what was that about wind shear?
its NOT dangerous...
written by ZexMarquies01, August 01, 2007
as said, the tornado will only work as long as there is heat supplying it energy, to keep spinning. If it tries to move away from the heat source, the tornado will quickly lose its strength, and then dissipate.

Also, what if they contained the tornado INSIDE a cooling tower? It would give us a structure to attach wind generators, and would shield the tornado from escaping, AND shield debris from flying away from the tornado. AND the tower could be used to hold in heat, giving the tornado MORE power to turn generators. ( aka: the tornado wouldn't spit out the heat quite as fast, since the tower could act as a insulator, letting the tornado maintain its velocity even longer, with a given amount of heat ).
"nuclear explosion"
written by Jay, August 02, 2007
controlled nuclear explosion?!?!! there are no explosions in nuclear power. learn how fission works before you write about it. worst case scenario at a nuclear powerplant is a meltdown, which involves no explosions. its ignorant to compare the buy branded cialis way a nuclear bomb works to a nuclear powerplant.
Try doing some research before you write articles
Probably loud
written by Dave Mears, August 03, 2007
I imagine a huge tornado would not be quiet.
written by Ashley, August 04, 2007
I've gotta say, I think this is a good idea, but not exactly one that solves much of anything. The big concept, the end goal, to alternative energy sources is to replace the current toxic methods with more environmentally-friendly ones. Even if this one only latches on to an existing coal or nuclear plant, that means that the toxic plant would have to continue working in order for the tornado-based one to work as well. Making new methods dependent on the very methods we are trying to eventually replace doesn't seem like a very good idea.

I mean, yeah, a tornado powering a city would be awesome, but I just don't think it is really worth it in the long run.
פיתוח ×ª×ž×•× ×•à ª
written by הדפסה על קנבס, August 05, 2007
tornados are LOUD
written by rob mick, August 17, 2007
Tornados generate A LOT of noise. Some can be dampened by the turbines around it, but its still going to be generate an environment disturbing amount of noise. Birds will be the first to shun the area, and other wild life will be wary.
Alternate energy
written by Macen, January 10, 2008
When he wrote this, he only listed 3 sources of power. There are many others that they could use, such as solar power (by making steam on the spot.)
written by Carl, March 20, 2008
It's so just might work!
it is not loud
written by mcneely, May 30, 2008
this tornaado wouldnt bee loud cuz the only was that a tornado is loud i cuz all the debris that it picks up. this controlled tornado would be quite
Pop Sci
written by Sam, June 19, 2008
In the newest popular science it is said that a very small amount of heat is needed and that a tornado power plant could actually GENERATE ITS OWN HEAT. This isnt perpetual motion or anything that silly because this tornado is not a closed system and uses the variable differnnce in temp of the upper atmosphere as "free" potential energy
written by Don, June 26, 2008
Why can't he make small units now for individual use. I would love to have one of his smaller units simply to suppliment my energy use at home. If they can be made economically.....and use the heat generated from my AC unit. I would be interested.
Not really producing energy
written by jayessell, September 26, 2008
I thought the danger in "Tornado Alley" was cold air over hot air causing instabililty.
I agree with a previous post; Build a Titanic Tornado Chamber to channel the online cialis sales warm air above the cold air with wind turbines at the base.
An artificial tornado would deprive natural tornadoes the fuel to form.
Too bad each one would cost 700 billion dollars. Who has THAT much money?

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