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AUG 14

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Fuel Mizer: So You Know When You're Wasting Gas

Do you accelerate and buy professional levitra without prescription brake like a caveman? The way you drive can be even more important to your mileage than what you drive. One company thinks it has at least in part solved the problem with the Digital Fuel Mizer (warning, site not displaying correctly in Firefox).

Dwayne Esterline, president of GI Engineering, has developed the Digital Fuel Mizer to warn you of your bad acceleration and braking habits. You mount this device inside your vehicle and, using an internal accelerometer and special software, it monitors your starts and stops. When it deems you are not being efficient in these behaviors it provides you with visual and audible alerts that you should adjust your driving style.

GI Engineering says the Digital Fuel Mizer works with all vehicles and fuel types, requiring no modifications to your car to do the viagra online buy job. While the little lights are great and all, we have to wonder if electric shocks through the steering wheel might be better to help break us of bad driving habits.

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BMW had something similar in their cars
written by crash courses, August 15, 2007
and most people who care can feel whether they're driving harshly.
A new age
written by Business Intelligence, August 15, 2007
in automotion is coming.
Not a new idea.
written by rob, August 15, 2007
This idea has been around for ages, I've had two cars with similar systems, that have a dashboard display that shows how economically you are driving.
I'm suprised that they could patent the idea.
Cool device
written by ontario, August 15, 2007
I will probably purchase one.

Don't try the the link in Firefox...
written by Anthony Pittarelli, August 15, 2007
pretty neat, i maybe it will help me be even cheaper! site doesnt worl in safari either, no i will forget and cial is discount never buy one
written by geekpdx, August 15, 2007
I've long been an advocate of instant-feedback fuel economy gauges in cars. Unfortunately, they seem to only be included when you buy a 25K car, or an expensive options package. I'm not sure that this is as good as an actual fuel economy display, but it may help to smooth out the driving of levitra uk those who wish to be a little more economical.

Of course, since I can't see the website - I can't see the cost.
written by timothyd4y, August 16, 2007
Is there a device that will tell us when we are wasting our money? :)
Do it yourself
written by Mike, August 17, 2007
I have a 2004 Mazda 6 Sport Wagon. The EPA estimates are 24 mpg highway and 16 city. Whenever I stop I put the automatic in manual and shift into 2nd while I'm stopped. I shift manually into 3rd and 4th to keep the RPM's below 2000. In 4th I put it back in auto bacause the torque converter locks up in 4th but only in auto. I continue accelerating slowly to keep the tach below 2000. I lock the cruise on 55 or whatever the speed limit is. When I approach a stop sign or see a light trun yellow I put it in nuetral and coast usually avoiding stopping completely. Using these techniques I average 27 to 28 MPG city and 32 to 33 MPG highway. Just learn your car and drive it accordingly.
Save Fuel & Maintenance Costs
written by Dwayne Esterline, August 20, 2007
I am the inventor of the Digital Fuel Mizer, and I have to say it works great for drivers that are willing to pay attention to it.

Really good drivers can feel the generic pack cialis acceleration levels of their vehicle, but this thing can measure 2mg (2 thoundsanths of a G force) Try that by the seat of your pants! 8mg is we recommend drug viagra about an 18mph change in 100 seconds- a very small acceleration.

Sorry about the website not displaying in Firefox, we are working on a fresh site. Thanks for the great feedback! :)
If you're already eco-conscious...
written by Tetraethyl Lead, September 27, 2007
I can accept that the device is really sensitive, but surely if you're already a smooth and recommended site low price viagra economical driver then no matter how sensitive it is, it's still not going to save that much money!

And when you're down to such tiny fuel savings, you also need to cialis pfizer 50 mg consider the environmental damage caused by making it and shipping it to you! Such a tiny effect is probably barely noticeable above normal everyday fuel usage fluctuations. In fact, you could probably also make comparable fuel savings by switching to a slightly thinner oil, tuning your engine, getting rid of excess weight, keeping tyre pressures up, or any number of other little things...

If you can't drive smoothly and economically by just using your own willpower, a little nag-box is hardly going to change your driving habits!

My ancient "39mpg" 1.6i car generally returns 49 because I try to maintain a constant speed with gentle acceleration and deceleration. My Mum's just bought a little Suzuki Alto and it returns around 70mpg on cheap supermarket petrol.

It must be great to be in the US where gas is so cheap, and you can be proud of we choice order viagra online achieving 20 or 30 mpg. I only know one car that regularly gets that sort of fuel economy, and it's a heavy 40 year-old V8!
Site that works
written by drj2582, June 05, 2008
This site works and gives price ($69.95 12.50 S&H) I was watching ABC news and they had someone test out the device and it worked with a average of 10-20% better fuel effeciency. That would be about 2-5 mpg. Don't know about you, but that would be worth it to me. The only downfall that I see is that it runs off of batteries. I would like to see a model with adaptor attached to plug into cigerrette lighter outlet.
Digital Fuel Mizer Here
written by John Garcia, June 12, 2008
You can purchase the where can you buy ultram online Digital Fuel Mizer from here as well. Great product and low price cialis it works.
written by joe manish, November 02, 2012
how can I buy bulk, need contact info to proceed, joe

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