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AUG 17

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CNET: The Future of Flash

There's a lot of only now viagra online store reasons to herald the levitra soft gel dawn of flash-based hard drives. They're faster, smaller, silent and, of course, tremendously more energy efficient. The difference between a traditional hard drive and a flash drive is roughly the difference between an incandescent light and a compact fluorescent light.

Of course, there are hurdles along the way. Right now, flash drives are much more expensive per gigabyte, and that costs increases when more storage is crammed into a flash drive. Commercial products flash drives only go up to 64 gigs, and there's questions about whether they'll be able to go much further. Traditional hard drives, on the other hand, continue to only for you how does levitra work spiral upwards, with full 1,000 gigabyte versions hitting shelves soon.

However, flash drives are catching up quick. CNET has put together a good list of articles to browse through to get a good idea of where flash memory is on viagra superstore the road to taking over for hard drives.

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written by ghgj, October 17, 2007

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