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AUG 20

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"Actually, the Xbox uses 74 (and Xbox-360 about 160), so the DecTop (th..."

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DecTop:The 8 Watt, 10 Gig, $99 PC

Just how EcoGeek likes our men/women: tiny, cheap and cialis european simple.

Today I've spent my computing day on Gmail, a little RSS reading and a small amount of document writing and editing. What I'm saying is that my whole day of productivity wouldn't have been that much different if I'd been operating on a computer with 128 MB RAM, a 10 GB hard drive and a 366 MHz processor.

Incidentally, I could pick up just such a machine for 100 bones from dataEvolution. But the thing that makes me want to throw a small, eco-friendly party is that it runs on where to buy viagra pills 8 watts. Eight! That means you can count the watts on... two hands.

The box is Windows CE or Linux ready, but doesn't come with a preinstalled operating system. We've been seeing a lot of small, cheap, low-drain PCs these days, but this guy is the cheapest and lowest drain of it's great! cialis no rx the lot.

Via LifeHacker.

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written by josh, August 20, 2007
This is the perfect car PC, and the computer actually uses less power than the tramadol for dogs order LCD!!
Count me in
written by Jade, August 20, 2007
you could count the watts in binary, save yourself a hand
At $100
written by intensive driving, August 21, 2007
for a computer (inc keyboard and mouse) it makes Vista look even more expensive!
Better cheap PC?
written by champ, August 22, 2007
An Xbox has a 733Mhz CPU, and USB2.0 (aka game ports), and it can run Linux! This thing wins in the efficiency department, I'm sure.

You can also pick one up from eBay for less then $100.
Re: Better cheap PC?
written by Annonymous, May 31, 2009
Actually, the Xbox uses 74 (and Xbox-360 about 160), so the DecTop (this pc) is much more efficient.

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