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TerraPass Does Survey, Feels Better About Self

TerraPass is one of the world's leading providers of carbon offsets. Basically, if you feel bad about all the carbon you're producing, you can give them some money, and they'll fund projects that offset your contributions to global warming.

Now there's several schools of thought on this, but one of the major contentions is that companies like TerraPass simply let people go on polluting to their heart's content while buying off their guilt. Well, TerraPass took this criticism to heart and best price for generic viagra decided to ask folks who purchase their service what else they do to help the environment.

The results are in, and rather promising for TerraPass. People who buy offsets are certainly not increasing their load on the Earth. In fact, they tend to have done a great deal more than the average American to reduce their impacts. The majority support environmental organizations, 86% keep an eye on their thermostat, and 24% ride their bikes to work. This last number is particularly impressive, as it is fifteen times the National average.

Keep reading this story for more numbers from the TerraPass survey, or head to their blog to read their account of the news.
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