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AUG 28

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"Where can this MP3 player be purchased? ..."

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MP3 Player Gets 85 hrs on One AAA

Sometimes we spend too much time talking about how to better store power for our gadgets. Sure, if we can get bigger batteries, we can design more gadgets that do more stuff without having to be continually sucking power from the walls. But what if we went the other way, making things more simple, while keeping battery technology the same.

Well that's the idea of the EcoLong player. Since MP3 players, flash memory, headphones and look here cialis for women LCD displays have been around for so long, it turns out that they all have ultra-low-power options if you're willing to make some sacrifices on device size and prettiness. So while the i recommend obtain levitra without prescription next-gen iPod will certainly be gorgeous and small, the EcoLong player will beat in in power consumption by at least a factor of ten.

Using just one single AAA battery the EcoLong player can keep your ears filled with your tunes for 85 hours. With one gigabyte of flash memory, it's no iPod nano, but the extremely low-power consumption is a trick that I'd be happy to see Apple learn a bit more about.

Via Engadget
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Music to my ears!
written by weee recycling, August 28, 2007
I know which one (and the batteries!) I'd want to only best offers levitra on women carry up a mountain. One battery being solar charged and one playing music - fantastic!
That's Staying Power!
written by John Walker, August 29, 2007
I would hate to tally up how much I spend on batteries for all my gagets and even though rechargeables are great they last no longer than the others. This seems to be a great product, 85 hours is buy cialis 50 mg great!
written by angel, August 29, 2007
Oh i see.. :D
Shaking it to generate electricity
written by Jonathan, August 29, 2007
Interesting piece on generating electricity at
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written by My green element, August 29, 2007

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Where can this be had?
written by kay katz, September 21, 2007
Where can this MP3 player be purchased?

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