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AUG 29

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"to amahad it works like this, wind tuns turbines, powering small gener..."

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Wind Powered Toy Electric Car

We've talked about the cialis en mexico loopwing turbine before, and also about solar powered toy fuel cell car.  But the two have been thrown together in this awesome wind-powered, electric-toy-car kit. Tamiya has partnered with Loopwing to create the kit, which requires what is likely to be a great deal of assembly. But, once you've created your system, the wind turbine will charge the car enough to keep it running by remote control for 3.5 hours.

If I were 13 I would be begging my parents for one of my canadian pharmacy online these things, and I'm nearly asking my wife right now. The biggest surprise of all is the price, a mere $30!

Via Gizmodo head to Tamiya for more information
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written by Joe, August 30, 2007
I wonder if you could take this system, rip apart the car, and use the parts to charge regular batteries for things like cameras and pill price levitra mp3 players.
Loopwind electric car kit
written by Anisah David, August 30, 2007
How can I get one of these for my husband? I didn't see a link to no perscription viagra the it's cool obtain viagra without prescription company, so thought I'd ask. He may be an adult, but he's got the heart & soul of a 13 yr old when it comes to models & remote controlled gaggets
written by Amos, August 31, 2007
The URL to this kit in the US web shop is here:
apparently it doesn't work via remote co
written by Corrado, September 01, 2007
apparently it doesn't work via remote control...
have you seen the video on we like it cialis tablets sale Tamiya? the guy set the wheel angle and the car keeps going in the same circle.
For Hmm: actually what it recharges it's a capacitor... not a battery, it makes quite a difference about stored energy!
But I wish it might be the first of a generation!
this does not solve anything
written by julien, September 04, 2007
This item does not solve any problem of ecology. I mean that this is just something to sell more and more, consume more and more. the best thing you can do to be green is not to buy such useless items! Do kids need such stuff made of oil? Well, no...
From Toy to Renewable Energy Teaching Ai
written by John, November 04, 2007
I just found the buy cheap viagra online loopwing toy yesterday and ordered one from an Amazon company. Our company, LearnOnLine, Inc. intends to add a computer interface to this device so that users can see the real-time voltage, current and power outputs of the turbine graphically plotted on a computer screen. In addition to the toy car, the computer interface will add a number of generica viagra sale resistor loads to see how the turbine performs under these varying conditions. Not only will this inexpensive device teach wind theory, it will also teach basic electrical concepts as well...see it at by January, 2008.
written by RICHARD, August 28, 2008
;D ;) :) :D 8)
how do i make a car like this?
written by tony, September 07, 2008
How do I make a car like this? I need to make one for a school project?
written by tony, September 07, 2008
:o :o >:( ;D ;D ;D :D :D ;) ;) ;) ;) :) 8) :o >:( :( :o :( ;D >:( 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
written by Ahmad, November 11, 2008
How does it work? We at our school are doing a project about it ;) :P 8) :-*
how wind power works
written by Sudip Patel, March 20, 2013
to amahad
it works like this,
wind tuns turbines, powering small generator, sending electricity to the car through a circut, charging it up

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