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"DO NOT plug foreign objects into live outlets! These are clever design..."

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Put a Cork in your Electricity Use

Just a little note on a few cool designs that might help a guy re-think the way he uses the ubiquitous electrical outlet. At least, that's what it did for me.

Scott Amron's Die Electric mean, I actually don't know what one calls something like online art gallery of social commentary maybe? In any case, you can actually purchase these items, which repurpose electrical outlets for non-electrical use. They hold dish rags, potted plants, fire extinguishers and original levitra ...yeah, a noose. I suggest you go check out the high-res pictures.

But before you pay $45 for a cork with some sockets stuck into it, I suggest you investigate ways of creating one yourself :-).

Via Inhabitat
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written by B.Wildeboer, September 13, 2007
Is it safe to plug in a wet dish-towel? How does that work?
written by vigilant20, September 13, 2007
I've seen crafters use the cheap plastic outlet plugs and just glue decorative items to them.
written by tekriter, September 18, 2007
So what is code for these things, anyway? Are they UL-approved?
he he he
written by Ella, September 24, 2007
:D i don't know if they're green, or even imprtant to the enviromnet for that matter but they make me giggle
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written by shocked, July 10, 2008
DO NOT plug foreign objects into live outlets!
These are clever designs with no thought to safety. The cork plug will provide enough conduction vs resistence to burn your house to we like it price viagra the ground. Use plastic plug covers not actual conductive materials. DANGER !

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