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"It looks like a water cooling tower, I would not like to be the radio ..."

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A Greener Cell Tower

I don't know of anyone who actually likes the look of cell phone towers. Yes, they provide a valuable service, but no one wants one in their vista. While that might not be changing completely, at least Ericsson is considering aesthetics with its new "tower tube."

The Ericsson Tower Tube is a hollow flexible concrete tower that replaces current steel strictures entirely. With a bit of extra technology, Ericsson says that they've decreased the footprint of towers, decreased the price of construction, decreased carbon emissions from tower materials 20% and adopted several possible designs that really are almost pleasant to click now how can i buy levitra in canada look at.

Sounds to me like a winning situation for Ericsson, and I hope to see them replacing some cell towers in scenic areas soon. Full press release after the jump.

Via Engadget

I think we can assume from these press photos that Ericsson plans on isntalling Tower Tubes in areas that are particularly picturesque...and preferably during a sunset.


Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today unveils an innovative radio base station site concept that is not only better for the viagra pharmacy environment but more cost-efficient to adopt and order cialis vs viagra run, and more attractive to look at.

The modern design, from renowned Scandinavian architect Thomas Sandell, is a completely new approach to site architecture - the 5m-diameter, 40m-high flexible concrete tower encapsulates all radio base station equipment, including the antennas.

The aesthetics of the site concept, named the Ericsson Tower Tube, have been further enhanced by the choice of construction materials. The flexible concrete tower can be colored and branded to the operator's specific needs to usefull link purchase viagra either blend in with its surroundings or become an attractive landmark for the local community.

And the concrete itself has a lower environmental impact than traditional steel, producing 30 percent less CO2 emissions during production and transportation.

Diverging from standard design, the radio base station is canadian pharmacy scam placed at the top of recommended site canada cialis no prescription the tower cutting the distance between it and the antenna. This gives capacity and coverage benefits for the cellular network and can together with the fact that no active cooling is needed reduce energy consumption up to 40 percent.

Furthermore, as the new design occupies less land, 60-75 percent less than conventional sites, site acquisition is easier. Being a self-contained structure, operators can also avoid the need for security fences and the cost of maintaining and patrolling them.

Ulf Ewaldsson, Vice President and canadain online pharmacies viagra Head of Product Area Radio, Ericsson, says: "The appearance of radio base station sites has not really been considered before. They have essentially been a steel tower and a container surrounded by a chain-link fence.

"With this new approach, we not only create a more attractive look for this essential piece of community architecture, but we have also developed a design that is better for the environment and more cost-efficient to run."


Images will be available at:

Find more about the Ericsson Tower Tube at: (Will be available from15.00 CET today)

Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership. Providing innovative solutions in more than 140 countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world.

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I'll call it Green when...
written by Tom Konrad, September 13, 2007
They stick a wind turbine on the tower.
written by Hank, September 13, 2007
A lot of what passes for "green" these days is actually just "greener" but I have no problem promoting "greener" when it comes around.

That being's a perfect place for a wind turbine.
Still an eyesore
written by Gus, September 13, 2007
I don't know about the styling. Fine so its slightly better for the environment but seems to be more a marketing ploy. And I certainly don't want that hideous thing gracing my horizon. Like the viagra online cheap idea of a wind turbine though.

The concept is old though. In SA We have been making the Palm Pole Towers since 1996. They are made of non-toxic environmentally friendly materials and are all fully recyclable.
written by Matt, September 14, 2007
I love the towers that look like fake trees. It really looks like they are trying but fail miserably.
No place for the Turkeys, Hawks or Buzza
written by Matt.M, September 21, 2007
Cell towers actually provide roosting and nesting space for a variety of birds. Turkey populations in lowland areas are able to nest without fear of ground predators.

Even if they do look ugly.
Hidden towers.
written by Suricou Raven, September 28, 2007
In the UK, we have hidden-towers. We have had a number of health scares about mobile phones causing cancer. Its just your standard medical myth: There are many studies that show both phones and towers to be perfectly safe, but no matter how much the myth is debunked it is never defeated.

As a result of these public concerns, there are companies supplying camo-towers: Cell towers that can be hidden inside artificial trees, or petrol-station signs, or church steples, or traffic signs. If the locals dont realise they are under a tower, they cant get psychosomatic illnesses and harass the network operator.
Stick to the trees
written by Billy, October 12, 2007
It looks like a water cooling tower, I would not like to be the radio engineer that must maintain the radios
Stick to Tree Structures

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