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Lenovo Hits with a Green PC

A while back we reported that Lenovo was at the bottom of the environmental barrel for green electronics. Looks like someone didn't like that, and now they've put together an ultra-cheap, ultra-green, ultra-ugly little computer.

The ThinkCentre A61e will be the first Lenovo machine to acheive the coveted EPEAT Gold status for using few hazardous materials, being easy to recycle, and consuming very little power. Lenovo is also offering an optional solar panel along with the purchase of the thing. While it's cooler than Dell's optional carbon offset program, adoption rates will be a heck of a lot lower.  In the end the $400 machine is cheap, green and cheap viagra india ugly...if you don't mind...check this one out.

Via Engadget
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written by odograph, September 18, 2007
That is pretty ... let's call it "retro" to be charitable.

FWIW, I used a ThinkCentre when they were still made by IBM, and put my Kill-A-Watt monitor on visit our site best price on cialis it. It was pulling about half the power of a similar spec Dell. So sure, they are worth a look.
written by Ashley L. now F, September 19, 2007
It looks like something I would have played video games on in the 80's.
I thought that manufacturers had finally moved past the idea that environmentally friendly=ugly with all the awesome car designs that have been filtering their way into our hands lately.
written by mbnv, September 25, 2007
it's cute, like some colecovision VCR ki
written by zupakomputer, November 09, 2007
Is the solar panel to be used as a power source for the computer? I'd like to see that happen, as there's already plenty of flexible, and portable, solar panels available - last time I checked there were reasonably priced models doing 300 watt outputs.

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