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"Coal is dirty at both ends of the overnight cialis spectrum: Burning coal produces CO2,..."

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CO2 Filter for Coal Plants

Burning coal could soon become a little friendlier if Dr. John Zhu from the University of Queensland has anything to say about it. He hopes to develop a carbon nanotube (CNT) membrane that can filter carbon dioxide out of coal plant emissions, allowing the pure carbon dioxide to be sequestered. The membrane blocks carbon dioxide, while letting other gases through.

While similar technology exists, they separate gases too slowly to be effective in power plants. The CNT isolates "moving gases up to 100 times faster than other gas separation techniques."

In addition, the same technique can be used to separate methane that is removed during coal mining. Usually other gases dilute the methane too much to only now best levitra make it useful, but by using a CNT membrane, the other gases can be filtered out.

With plans to commercialize CNT membranes in as little as 10 years, the dark reality of coal energy may soon improve. Now if only they can get it out of the ground without destroying half of wow)) hydrochlorothiazide cialis Appalachia. 


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I know exactly how to take all of the C0
written by Tom Schwartz, September 21, 2007
Stop burning coal!
written by wendy b hall, October 05, 2007
Please no more lopping off the tops of our precious mountain ranges !
a question
written by Louis, December 15, 2007
how green is your electrical supply ? maybe we should turn off our computers, or maybe we keep digging for coal
tough question for smart scientist
written by Alex, January 11, 2008
My only question is: Can you burn another time the amount of carbon dioxide filtered using this procedure? :-
If is possible, no problems with the CO2. You are burning all the click here generic viagra india time the same fuel without polluting anything
written by Jerry, June 07, 2008
Unlimited energy, i think not
written by Brett, July 27, 2008
destroying half of Appalachia.

Powder River is all prarie full of high grade coal. The praries are full of low grade coal perfect for electrical production. Saskatchewan is working on buy levitra online us coal capture wich could allow oil to be produced freindlier and cheaper. This would make coal to oil more voiable, tarsands enviromentaly freindly, and could be used to make every refinery frendlier, put more natural gas on the market, it would especially help steel mills wich use large amounts of CO2.
Coal is dirty at both ends!
written by Steve Thiese, December 01, 2009
Coal is dirty at both ends of the spectrum: Burning coal produces CO2, and mining coal trashes the environment. Here in Utah, we're trying to put a halt to real viagra a proposed coal mine in Alaska. My colleagues -- Clair Jones of Utah Chapter Sierra Club, and Emily Fehrenbacher of Alaska -- as well as many dedicated others, have been working diligently to get the NoBassCoal Campaign off the ground here in Utah . We held our first event, The NoBassCoal “Campaign Kick-off and Press Conference” on November 12 at noon, to inform Utahans that Dick Bass, owner of the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, is investing in what will be the largest strip mine ever in Alaska. The Chuitna Coal Project will destroy 30 square miles of salmon, bear and moose habitat in a pristine wilderness of Alaska, and dump millions of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere, eventually destroying Utah’s famous powder snow as well. But we are going to stop this mine! We had a great first event turnout of around 50 people, and several media outlets. Speakers included Clair, Emily, and Forrest Shearer, a pro snowboarder with Protect Our Winters, who also happens to be sponsored by Snowbird. They all gave a rundown of generic form of levitra how the mine will affect both Utah and Alaska, and displayed our campaign artwork, which we have been developing with a fantastic design company based in L.A. Here is purchasing levitra with next day delivery the canadian pharmacy cialis generic link to a great story that our local Fox News affiliate aired about our event:!

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