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1 Copenhagen Wheel Hits the Streets Philip Proefrock 16157
2 Rubbee TurnsRegular Bicycles into Electric Vehicles Sarah Rich 15542
3 Wearable Combined Power Generation and 250 mg viagra Storage Philip Proefrock 7984
4 Soccket Soccer Ball Generator, and Its Critiques Sarah Rich 15843
5 Mapping a Better Walking Route Sarah Rich 19703
6 Four African Teenagers Create Generator that Runs on Pee Sarah Rich 23561
7 A Workspace Powered by Sitting Megan Treacy 48650
8 EU Could Meet Emission Requirements Through Increased Bike Ridership Megan Treacy 19605
9 Bill Gates Invests in Waste-to-Fuel Plant in Ghana Megan Treacy 14379
10 New York To Harvest Energy From Sewage Waste Megan Treacy 18902
11 Pedal Your Way to a Charged Cell Phone Megan Treacy 18378
12 Google Maps Adds Bicycle Information Philip Proefrock 18823
13 Three Cool Concepts For Urban Biking Philip Proefrock 20520
14 The Green Roadway – Good Idea, But Not New Yoni Levinson 16249
15 Charge Your Gadgets While You Walk or Ride Megan Treacy 40074
16 Kyocera's Flexible, Kinetic-Powered Phone Megan Treacy 19775
17 Soleckshaw: India’s Solar Rickshaw Peg Fong 19887
18 Piezoelectrics – Is It Stealing? Yoni Levinson 17395
19 Leg Brace Harvests Energy Peg Fong 19803
20 Using Eel Cells to Create Electricity Peg Fong 22482
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