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Human Powered
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21 YoYo Powered iPhone Charger? Hank Green 18572
22 Self-Powered Light Switch Has No Wires Hank Green 43590
23 2 Million New Jobs by 2010 with Green Investment Jaymi Heimbuch 18117
24 Green Competition is a Good Thing Jaymi Heimbuch 16136
25 Cool Revolving Door Concept for Powering Up Jaymi Heimbuch 16892
26 Terasen Trying to Power Homes with Human Poo Peg Fong 19338
27 Capturing the Power of viagra low price Trillions of Footfalls Raegan Payne 67434
28 Strap-on Kinetic Charger Dances Away Dead Batteries Jaymi Heimbuch 29696
29 Running America on Liposuctioned Fat Hank Green 17186
30 Spinnaker’s Steps May Generate Power from Your Footfall Jaymi Heimbuch 18324
31 Old-Fashioned Hand Crank Powers New-Fangled Gadgets Jaymi Heimbuch 25608
32 Bike Trees Save Space and Keep Bikes Safe Hank Green 18250
33 Cheap Electric Bike Saves Cash...But at What Cost Peg Fong 30209
34 Electro-SeeSaw Harnesses World's Most Energetic Thing Zach Yakush and Hank Green 24235
35 Solar Bicycle Boat Built for Four Hank Green 23232
36 50 Miles Per Burrito: Is the Body the Most Efficient Vehicle? Hank Green 49325
37 Carectomy Week in Review Joshua Liberles 18636
38 Carectomy Week in Review Joshua Liberles 17605
39 Gravia Floor Lamp: Human Powered, Never Burns Out Hank Green 24730
40 Revolution Door Captures Human Power Hank Green 22575
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