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1 Electrolysis Catalyst Could Produce Inexpensive Hydrogen Philip Proefrock 15416
2 Moving Toward a Fuel-Cell Future Philip Proefrock 12077
3 Combined Power Hydrogen Station Philip Proefrock 8055
4 More Hydrogen from Sunlight Philip Proefrock 13417
5 Artificial Leaves Increase Photosynthesis 10x Philip Proefrock 16847
6 China Unveils Fuel Cell Light Rail Train Megan Treacy 14579
7 Portable Solar Power Plant, Water Purifier and link for you cialis Fuel Cell in One Megan Treacy 27422
8 Lung-Inspired Fuel Cell Cuts Platinum, Boosts Efficiency Megan Treacy 12010
9 Pocket-Sized Fuel Cell Charges Gadgets Away From Home Megan Treacy 19922
10 Chicken Feathers Could Store Hydrogen Megan Treacy 19833
11 Small Hydrogen City Car Will be Open Source Megan Treacy 18168
12 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor Megan Treacy 13920
13 Cheap Hydrogen from a Stainless Steel Brush Megan Treacy 16592
14 Carbon Nanotubes Lower Cost of Fuel Cells Yoni Levinson 14165
15 New Hydrogen Tank 60% Lighter Than Battery Pack Megan Treacy 18282
16 Hyrdrocar Brings Hydrogen-Powered Fun to Kids Megan Treacy 18788
17 Blacklight Power's Cheap, Clean Energy Source Validated Hank Green 22635
18 Ammonia Borane Could Store Hydrogen for Fuel Cell Vehicles Yoni Levinson 22259
19 Fuel Cells Without Platinum. Is it Possible? Hank Green 19000
20 Jack Nicholson Hocks Hydrogen Cars in the '70s Hank Green 32397
21 New Kind of Electroysis to Catalyze Hydrogen Economy Hank Green 23316
22 ITM Power Unveils Home Hydrogen Refuel Station Jaymi Heimbuch 18524
23 Los Angeles Shell Station to Offer Hydrogen Jaymi Heimbuch 22942
24 The UK's First Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens Andrew Williams 21496
25 Could Chemical Solar Power Beat Photovoltaics? Gavin D.J. Harper 22374
26 Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Breakthrough Jozef Winter 27452
27 Bacteria Fermenting Waste into LOTS OF H2! 23826
28 The Hydrogen Economy Could Dry Our Rivers Jozef Winter 26325
29 Scientists Double Hydrogen Polymer Storage Capacity Gavin D.J. Harper 23415
30 L.A. Auto Show: BMW Hydrogen 7 Unveiled Hank Green 51883
31 Direct from Biomass to Hydrogen Hank Green 23091
32 Flying Fuel Cell Hank Green 23738
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