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61 New Tech Could Bring Fuel Cell Powered Electronics Jozef Winter 17965
62 UltraCapacitors to Replace Batteries? Hank Green 27313
63 Researchers Extend Lithium Ion Battery Life 10X Hank Green 70611
64 Exxon Develops Battery For Electric Cars. Wait...WHAT!? Hank Green 33665
65 Storing Surplus Wind Underground Hank Green 24343
66 30-Year Laptop Battery is Indeed Too Good to Be True Hank Green 23445
67 The Energy Island: A Gigantic Offshore Battery? A Siegel 51331
68 Nano-Batteries Look Like Paper Hank Green 24089
69 USBCELL Rocks! Hank Green 22272
70 Flexible Batteries That Never Need to very cheap cialis Be Recharged John Barrie 21176
71 Could Sugar Replace Lithium Ions? John Barrie 43569
72 Wiicharging the Wiimote Billy Shih 21015
73 The Volt's Batteries? A123 Systems Hank Green 28997
74 Altair Nanotech. Delivers Batteries to Phoenix Motorcars Hank Green 70682
75 The Mystery of Bloom Energy Hank Green 166976
76 EcoGeek Holiday Battery Guide Hank Green 28254
77 Even Smarter USB Battery Philip Proefrock 25562
78 NonToxic Paper Battery Philip Proefrock 22221
79 Water Powered Battery?! No, No they arent. Hank Green 55067
80 22.7 GHz of Vegetable Fueled Recycled Goodness 40282
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