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1 Recycling Old Oil Wells for Geothermal Power Philip Proefrock 8627
2 Largest Geothermal Project in US Philip Proefrock 12871
3 Project Investigating "Hot Rocks" Geothermal Energy Options Philip Proefrock 12606
4 U.S. Geothermal Resources Could Replace Coal 10 Times Over Megan Treacy 12577
5 Canada's Geothermal Resources Could Power the Country One Million Times Over Megan Treacy 12903
6 Big Island of canada pharmacy Hawaii Gets 20% of Its Electricity from Geothermal Plant Megan Treacy 10557
7 Google Data Center Cooled with Ocean Water Philip Proefrock 14732
8 Portland, ME Airport to Use Geothermal Heating Megan Treacy 17589
9 Combined Geothermal Energy and low cost viagra fast Carbon Sequestration Philip Proefrock 15806
10 Iceland Plans to Export Geothermal Energy Megan Treacy 17763
11 Stockholm Train Station Harvests Passengers' Body Heat Megan Treacy 17415
12 West Virginia: The Next Geothermal Energy Hot Spot? Megan Treacy 16847
13 Colorado IKEA Will Be Geothermal Powered Megan Treacy 16471
14 St. Lucia Harnessing and Exporting Geothermal Energy Megan Treacy 17198
15 Indonesia Harnessing Volcano Power Megan Treacy 16943
16 US Government Surpasses Google for Geothermal Funding Philip Proefrock 14977
17 What Will it Take for Geothermal to be Cheaper than Coal Hank Green 15918
18 Converting a Volcanic Island into a Giant Power Plant Philip Proefrock 11355
19 U.K.'s First Geothermal Plant Will Power Theme Park Megan Treacy 13447
20 Coal Mines Providing Geothermal Energy Hank Green 18504
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