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1 CETO Produces Wave Power and Freshwater Philip Proefrock 8970
2 New Database to Help Increase Environmental Responsibility of buy branded levitra Ocean Power Sarah Rich 9703
3 System for Predicting Wave Energy Could Double Wave Power Generation Megan Treacy 18364
4 Maine Constructing 4 MW Commercial Tidal Power Project Megan Treacy 11292
5 Wave-Powered Ocean Robots Philip Proefrock 10915
6 U.S. Could Get 15% of Energy from Wave and Tidal Sources by 2030 Megan Treacy 11300
7 Power Barge Could Provide Affordable Wave Power Philip Proefrock 10248
8 Hoverbarge Allows Difficult Access Construction Philip Proefrock 9769
9 Oregon Gets Pilot Wave Power Project Philip Proefrock 14380
10 US Interior Department Reconsidering Hydropower Philip Proefrock 15910
11 India Getting 50 MW Tidal Power Project Megan Treacy 16128
12 Power for the Big Apple from the East River Philip Proefrock 14180
13 Massive New Tidal Turbine is World's Largest Philip Proefrock 31421
14 Paris Putting Turbines in the Seine Megan Treacy 21323
15 Oyster Offshore Wave Generator Is 2.5x Better Than Predecessor Philip Proefrock 35170
16 Using Underwater Kites to Generate Power Philip Proefrock 47341
17 Drawing Power from Dutch Coastal Dikes Philip Proefrock 21672
18 Oregon Wave Project Under Way Megan Treacy 23219
19 Using Osmosis to Generate Clean Energy Philip Proefrock 22148
20 Dam Retrofits on Ohio River to Produce 350 MW of Hydropower Megan Treacy 14741
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