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21 World’s Largest Wave Power Project… On Hold Yoni Levinson 18449
22 Simplifying Tidal Power to Drop Costs Philip Proefrock 13677
23 EcoBleak: Pelamis Wave Power Plants Beached Hank Green 16335
24 Could Every Offshore Wind Turbine Capture Waves? Hank Green 16482
25 Blue Data Center Will Be Powered by the Tides Megan Treacy 18694
26 Scotland to Map Wave and Tidal Power Potential Megan Treacy 18047
27 Lockheed Martin to canadian online pharmacy levitra Build Wave Farm Megan Treacy 18783
28 Hydrokinetics – When and Where Yoni Levinson 13991
29 Cylinders Could Harness Energy from Slow-Moving Waters Megan Treacy 17362
30 Latest Wave Contraption – Hot or Not? Yoni Levinson 14157
31 Navy-Funded Wave Farm Under Way in Hawaii Megan Treacy 20957
32 Scotland to Pioneer Tidal “Farms” Yoni Levinson 23167
33 Yes, Google Did Patent The Ocean-Powered Data Center Hank Green 33838
34 Capturing Water Power With Plastic Grid Jaymi Heimbuch 16512
35 France Going Tidal with Pilot Turbine System Jaymi Heimbuch 18045
36 It's Not Easy to Move Electricity Through Salt Water Gavin D.J. Harper 22989
37 Wave-Powered Boat Makes It from Japan to Hawaii Jaymi Heimbuch 21616
38 East Coast Getting Tidal Energy Projects Jaymi Heimbuch 21817
39 Honolulu to Air Condition Buildings with Seawater Jaymi Heimbuch 20660
40 Rubber Anaconda Makes Wave Power Cheaper Jaymi Heimbuch 18361
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