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41 Shark Tail and Kelp-Inspired Ocean Power Jozef Winter 20827
42 World's Largest Tidal Turbine: First Pictures! Hank Green 43475
43 World’s First Commercial Tidal Turbine Installed Benjamin Jones 20932
44 The Mississippi River May Soon Power 1.5 M Homes Hank Green 19333
45 Wave Power Company Raises $25 Million Hank Green 17463
46 Duh! Powering Boats with Waves Hank Green 52603
47 CES 2008 - Aquatic Energy Planning for 5M Barrels of Algae Fuel Matt James 26688
48 California Buys Into Wave Power: Ahoy AquaBuOY! Heather McKee 22087
49 Under-AquaBuoy: Wave Power Generator Lost at Sea A Siegel 26006
50 WaveBob: Massive Wave Power Buoy Jozef Winter 21794
51 Wave Power Generator From Some Guy's Basement 22841
52 Portugal Boasts World's First Commercial Wave Power Jozef Winter 22660
53 Finavera Deploys 40 ton AquaBuOY 2.0 Hank Green 25880
54 World's Largest Tidal Turbines Hank Green 20325
55 Tidal Power Goes Snakes and Bobbers 28765
56 Breakthroughs on the Tide? A Siegel 20640
57 San Francisco Tidal Power in the Works Hank Green 19147
58 Waves Could Power the World 2X Over Matt James 27273
59 First U.S. Tidal Power Installation Philip Proefrock 34487
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