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101 Algae Algae Everywhere. So Let's Light it on FIRE! Hank Green 23461
102 US Army Turning Waste into Energy in Iraq Hank Green 16951
103 Solar Produces 1000x More Energy Per Acre than Soy BioDiesel Philip Proefrock 38037
104 New Plant to Produce 100 M Gallons of Ethanol from Waste Hank Green 20156
105 18 Months Until Custom-Made, Oil-Pooping Bacteria Hank Green 77410
106 Cow-Based Motor Oil for All Your Frying and levitra brand name Lawnmowing Needs Hank Green 20771
107 Lying Bio-Diesel Pumps Hank Green 17660
108 Turning Poop into Fuel: The Personal BioGas Machine Hank Green 30725
109 Virgin Atlantic Completes First BioFueled Flight Hank Green 19248
110 Coskata's Cheap Non-Food Ethanol Available in 2010 Philip Proefrock 19443
111 Backyard Gassifiers Turn Wood into Hydrogen Gavin D.J. Harper 28158
112 More On Coskata's $1 per Gallon Ethanol Philip Proefrock 46531
113 GM Announces Major Waste to Ethanol Partnership Philip Proefrock 22867
114 Shell to Grow Algae for Oil 19048
115 "Vortex Implosion Disintegrator" Helps Turn Wood into Ethanol Hank Green 18479
116 America to Ethanol: "The Honeymoon's Over, Baby, Get to Work." Hank Green 36387
117 Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen From Microbes Jozef Winter 12326
118 World's First Pure Biodiesel Flight Jozef Winter 17643
119 Mutant Algae: The Next Hydrogen Source 14286
120 Welcome to the Corn Ethanol Backlash Hank Green 22990
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