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21 Ugly Watermelons Could Make Good Biofuel Megan Treacy 17390
22 Navy Testing Biofuels in Fighter Jets Megan Treacy 16464
23 Zoo Animals Could Hold Key to Butanol Biofuels Megan Treacy 17113
24 Exxon Embracing Algae Biofuels Megan Treacy 16986
25 PetroAlgae Promises Fuel and follow link pfizer cialis 50mg Food from a Single, Renewable Source Jessica Johnson 21402
26 New Definition for Biofuels: Using Urine to Produce Hydrogen Hank Green 47010
27 60% Slash in Emissions During Jatropha Test Flight Megan Treacy 17488
28 NREL and Google Launch Map of America's Alternative Fuel Stations Megan Treacy 15893
29 Cellulosic Ethanol Flowing at One Canadian Pump Megan Treacy 13056
30 Algae Fuel Leader GreenFuels Goes Bust Hank Green 15703
31 Burning BioMass is more Efficient than Creating Ethanol Hank Green 14363
32 Camelina Jet Fuel Could Reduce Emissions By 84% Megan Treacy 15204
33 Ethanol Production Consumed 861 B Gallons of Water in '07 Hank Green 12207
34 Microbes Eat CO2, Make Fuel Yoni Levinson 19498
35 Study Shows Great Potential for Cellulosic Ethanol Megan Treacy 12909
36 Dumpster-Sized Generator Turns Trash into Power Hank Green 19336
37 Telephone Poles to BioFuels Hank Green 15995
38 Ethanol Pacman Eats Solar, Wind and Biodiesel Hank Green 12956
39 Breakthrough Catalyst for Artificial Photosynthesis Hank Green 20613
40 Duh! Powering Restaurants with Waste Oil Hank Green 13552
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