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61 New Bacteria Could Replace Gasoline Peg Fong 13634
62 Austin Building Nation’s Largest Wood-Waste Biomass Plant Jaymi Heimbuch 19828
63 India Exploring the Many Uses of Sugarcane Waste Jaymi Heimbuch 20547
64 Hawaii Swaps Coal Power Plant for Biomass Jaymi Heimbuch 18985
65 Gasoline From Trash as a Cheap New Alternative Jaymi Heimbuch 15863
66 WillieRun ’08 Going Coast to Coast Without Stopping for Fuel Jaymi Heimbuch 12807
67 Bacteria Make Ethanol Plants 50% More Efficient Jaymi Heimbuch 14102
68 Could Camelina Sativa be a Biofuel Miracle Crop? Jaymi Heimbuch 23749
69 Cow Poo Powers Carnival Ride Jaymi Heimbuch 24537
70 Verenium Goes In with BP for $90 Million Jaymi Heimbuch 13199
71 Verenium Goes In with BP for $90 Million Jaymi Heimbuch 10661
72 Corn Ethanol Industry Picking Up Speed…For Now Jaymi Heimbuch 9645
73 Fungus Could Save Ethanol Plants $800 M Jaymi Heimbuch 14565
74 DOE Sliding $240 M to Biorefineries Jaymi Heimbuch 11503
75 U of Georgia Gets More Bang Per Biofuel Gallon Jaymi Heimbuch 11423
76 Jatropha Farming on the Upswing for Biodiesel Jaymi Heimbuch 17429
77 BlueFire Building US's First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Jaymi Heimbuch 13133
78 Fuel Cell Powered Laptop is Here, Almost Jaymi Heimbuch 17183
79 DOT Puts Up $500,000 for Alternative Jet Fuels Competition Jaymi Heimbuch 12025
80 Biodiesel Boat Earthrace Breaks World Record Jaymi Heimbuch 15747
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