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81 Compression Could Reduce Data Center Energy Use by 95% Peg Fong 17085
82 High Schoolers Reduce 2-Stroke Emissions by 40%! Jozef Winter 36010
83 X-Prize Expanding to Clean Fuel, Batteries, and Clean Aviation Hank Green 14783
84 Power Strip Knows How Guilty You Should Feel Hank Green 19206
85 New Zero-Watt Monitor Saves Cash and the Planet Peg Fong 20262
86 Dell Unveils A Wooden Desktop for the Greens Hank Green 22005
87 Mobion Fuel Cells Double Gadget Life Jozef Winter 14588
88 Nokia's Eco-Phone Isn't Really All That Eco Hank Green 17565
89 Can Floating Solar Balloons Power Remote Regions? Andrew Williams 17566
90 Dell's HQ is Now 100% Renewably Powered Hank Green 18848
91 71% of Adults in America are EcoGeeks! Hank Green 14409
92 Shutting Down for Earth Hour Hank Green 23181
93 It's an Old Computer, But it Only has 30,000 Miles on It Hank Green 15623
94 Asus Unleashes Its Wood: Bamboo Computers at CeBit Hank Green 25174
95 DIY Mini-PC: Tiny Footprint, Low Wattage Hank Green 21567
96 New Clothes Dryer Could Save Billions Hank Green 55496
97 From the CES Archives: United Pepper's Green Electronics Matt James 13297
98 From the CES Archives: Nokia's Green Plans Matt James 12768
99 Green Plug Promises Universal Charger, Thank the Lord! Jack Moins 15500
100 Turning One Computer into 30 for the Developing World Hank Green 14690
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