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Green Cars at NAIAS 2012
Written by Philip Proefrock on 10/01/12   

Two years ago, automakers were scrambling to out-green each other and gerenic cialis to emphasize their green halo, and the show's main floor included an 'Electric Avenue' with all manner of unusual vehicles (most of which have not returned). But the age of the bamboo thumb drive has already passed. As we noted last year, hybrids and electric drive vehicles now just seem to be an expected part of visit our site buy real viagra online the mix in a manufacturer's line. Along with this, relatively simple features like auto-start/stop are becoming more prevalent in more models.

A couple of new companies on this year's show floor were particularly interesting. These include Coda, a company that is selling electric drive cars. They seem to have just a single model, but the company looks like a more complete contender than BYD, another Chinese manufacturer that has been at show the past couple of years, was not present at this year's show. (The Coda body and battery are manufactured in China, but final assembly takes place in the US.)

VIA Motors is another newcomer to the cheap prescription viagra main floor. Like AMP Motors, VIA is modifying existing vehicles (in this case GM pickups, SUVs and vans) to convert them into extended-range electric vehicles. With the improved efficiency and all electric drive, VIA states their vehicles get "over 100 mpg in typical daily driving."

Some of the other green entries appearing at this year's show include:

Honda - although the Civic Natural Gas is this year's Green Car of the Year, it seems to be a sideshow to the rest of the Honda display.

Ford - the Focus is being built in a variety of configurations, with gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain versions all available. The Ford C-MAX is a multi-activity vehicle (MAV) that will be Ford's "first dedicated hybrid vehicle line."

Chevrolet - the Volt is there, but not with a big display, and Eco options for the Malibu and Cruze are also sharing the green attention. Small cars are also a part of the Chevrolet program, but with more of an emphasis on appealing to young buyers than on efficiency.

Volkswagen - unveiled the Jetta hybrid with a combined fuel economy of real levitra without prescription 45 mpg. It's a mild hybrid with only very limited electric drive range, but gives VW another high mileage option to diesel. Also, the E-Bugster EV.

Toyota - the Prius c was unveiled as the smallest member of the Prius series with an under $20k price tag. Other Prius models include the third-generation base Prius, the larger Prius v, and the plug-in Prius.

Nissan - after not appearing at last year's show, Nissan had a presence this year that included the link for you canadian levitra 50mg LEAF, which was also available on the Ride & Drive track.

Tesla - the Model S sedan was on display, along with a bare frame showing the battery platform.

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images: EcoGeek


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Apple iBooks 2 Sells 350,000 e-Textbooks in Three Days
Written by Megan Treacy on 23/01/12   

Last week, Apple officially unveiled its iBooks 2 textbook platform where iPad users can download electronic versions of textbooks that are not only interactive, but cheaper too. Apparently, it was just what educators and students were waiting for because early reports are saying that in just its first three days the iBooks store saw 350,000 downloads of e-textbooks.

Apple has partnered with the three textbook publishers Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, who together represent 90 percent of the textbook market. The e-textbooks come equipped with features like 3D animated models, random pop-up quizzes and we use it cheap fast cialis the ability to canadian pharmacy viagra legal create sticky notes on pages and then have them assembled into digital 3 x 5 notecards for use as study aids.

The digital textbooks also come with the advantage of being updated whenever new information comes along, keeping owners from having to purchase subsequent editions. Even with these added elements, high school e-textbooks cost $14.99 or less.

Studies have shown that once a certain threshold of e-books are downloaded, replacing the purchase of hard copy books, the carbon footprint of the e-reader or tablet itself is canceled out and from that point forward users are making a positive environmental impact.

With the size and weight of textbooks, that threshold could be even lower than with a typical book.  Between the Amazon's Kindle textbook store and the new Apple textbook store, students now can save their backs, their wallets and help the india cheap viagra environment:  win-win-win.

via Engadget


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Moving Toward a Fuel-Cell Future
Written by Philip Proefrock on 03/05/12   

A lot of emphasis is placed on canadian pharmacy online batteries for electric vehicles, but fuel cells are another means of producing electricity that will get more attention as the technology develops further. Fuel cells offer efficient conversion of fuel to electricity. They also offer a way of combining electric drive with a system that can use portable fuels, and that may be able to overcome the "range anxiety" that is one of tramadol no rx visa only the obstacles to further acceptance of electric vehicles.

The good folks at Car Talk pointed us to their article about fuel cells covering both automotive fuel cells, as well as stationary fuel cells used in industrial settings. The US Department of Energy has a lot of programs dealing with fuel cells, and research is certainly moving ahead in this field in both the private and public sectors. Expect to see more about fuel cells in the coming years.

The Honda FCX Clarity, GM's Project Driveway and the Mercedes Benz F-Cell Hydrogen Electric Drive pilot programs are some of the first steps to take cialis fuel cell vehicles. But because of the very limited number of hydrogen fueling stations, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle drivers must also have their own "range anxiety" to contend with. While we usually think of fuel cells using hydrogen, other fuels such as methanol and natural gas can also be used in fuel cells. Compressed natural gas is more widely available than hydrogen, but it still takes some searching to find.


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Largest Geothermal Project in US
Written by Philip Proefrock on 07/03/12   

Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana is in the process of buy cialis overnight installing the largest ground-source heat pump system in the country. It is not supplying just a single building, however. Rather, this is it's cool viagra soft generic a campus-wide system that will provide heating and cooling for the entire University campus.

The system uses 3,600 vertical bores located in several fileds throughout the campus with more than 1,000 miles of piping for the heat transfer. The first phase of this project is nearing completion, with the system now providing heating and cooling to nearly half the campus.

The University expects to realize $2 million in annual energy costs through the where to order cialis online use of the campus-wide geothermal system. Additionally, by removing its old boilers, the University says it will also reduce about 85,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Total cost for the project is around $70 million.


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Inequality in Trees Reflects Income Inequality
Written by Philip Proefrock on 14/06/12   

Comparisons of aerial images between lower- and higher-income neighborhoods show that income inequalities are demonstrated through the number of trees present. Higher income areas have more trees, while less affluent areas also have fewer trees.

"They found that for every 1 percent increase in per capita income, demand for forest cover increased by 1.76 percent. But when income dropped by the same amount, demand decreased by 1.26 percent. That’s a pretty tight correlation. The researchers reason that wealthier cities can afford more trees, both on private and public property. The well-to-do can afford larger lots, which in turn can support more trees."

The original study was published in 2008, but gained much more recent attention when it was posted by Tim De Chant on his blog, Per Square Mile. The original story has now been followed up with images that demonstrate this inequality in regions all over the globe.

We know that having access to the natural world is a good thing.  This goes to show that, rightly or wrongly, there can be a price tag attatched to it.

image: from Per Square Mile

via: Treehugger and BoingBoing


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