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500 Miles on a 5 Minute Charge
Written by Hank Green on 27/09/06   
carfeelgoodCapacitors are amazing little devices that litter your circuit boards storing and viagra on line canada discharging small amounts of energy as needed. For quite a while, folks have been attempting to use the abilities of capacitors to store energy for use in larger power storage systems. In particular, it would be great if a lot of energy could be stored in a capacitor, and then slowly released to power a car. 

But, so far, this has been impractical.  First, because of the size of the capacitor that would be needed, and second, because capacitors tend to want to release their charge all at once, not over 500 miles of driving.  Texas start-up EEStor, however, seems to viagra canada online pharmacy have overcome many of these problems.  Ultracapacitors, capacitors that can store huge amounts of charge, and release it in a relatively controlled fashion, have already started showing up in hybrid cars, but EEStor seems to have taken this further. 

They claim to have an ultracapacitor that can store enough power to drive a car 500 miles.  Not only are ultracapacitors entirely free of toxic substances, they can be charged extremely quickly and never lose capacity. 

EEStor is already licensing the technology to Toronto based Feel Good Cars and they should be on the try it what is viagra road by 2008. Soon after, we could see them in larger vehicles, as well as portable electronic devices.
Via Business 2.0 
Tri-Fuel Fiat Panda
Written by Hank Green on 20/09/06   

The Fiat Panda has two models. One runs on either methanol or gasoline, while the other runs on methanol, gasoline or E85.  This is the kind of multi-fuel vehicle that we will likely be seeing more of in the future.  Based on the needs of only for you buy now levitra the environment, the economy, the user and the car, these multi-fuel cars can swap between fuel sources and even between engines (as we've seen in hybrid cars.)  The drawback is that these cars need to be heavier, incorporating more tanks and fuel lines and, in the case of hybrids, even a whole other engine.

But the advantages often outweigh those problems, especially when calculating the effect on the environment, as both methanol and E85 are cleaner and how does viagra work have lower net CO2 emissions than gasoline.
Via Autoblog 

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Bill Clinton's Pimped Hybrid SUV
Written by Hank Green on 09/09/06   
Bill Clinton just received a hybrid Mercury Mariner SUV from Ford that can get a max of 32 mpg.  "Ford and President Clinton share a commitment to promoting green solutions for transportation."  Also, Ford and President Clinton share a commitment to ridiculously sweet rides. 
Dual DVD players, a small refrigerator, a 110 volt plug, customized LED lighting, several fold-down desks, some top-secret 'electronics,' and extra leg room for the president (presumably at the best price for cialis cost of less leg room for the Secret Service Agents driving him around.)

A lot of those extra features will add up to a drain on the Mariner's battery, so it probably won't get the full 32 mpg in the city.  But, still, a sweet machine for a man who's presence I miss very much. 

Thanks to linton for the video


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Google Building Hybrid Engine?
Written by Hank Green on 15/09/06   
The philanthropic arm of Google,, has started a project to create an inexpensive retrofit kit that will turn any car into an ethanol / electric hybrid. is a very odd charity.  It's not for profit, but it's also not a non-profit. can, and will, capitalize on the fruits of their labors. The trade off is that Google doesn't get to write off any taxes.  

On the whole, it allows Google greater freedom and secrecy, the can recruit money from venture capitalists, and capitalize when their projects gain.  Really, it's a very strange way for a charity to set up.  Obviously making money isn't the most important thing, but you can tell that they certainly wouldn't mind. 

The retrofit kit aims to reduce global warming by providing an inexpensive way to convert your average 20-30 mpg gasoline car to a 100+ mpg gasoline / ethanol / electric hybrid.  This isn't something I really expected from Google, but they have my permission.
Via TreeHugger and NYTimes 

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Ending Traffic Jams Without New Roads
Written by Hank Green on 30/08/06   
trafficTraffic is generic levitra online pharmacy pretty near the top of the list of the most evil things in the world.  Traffic makes people angry and unhappy. Traffic wastes a colossal amount of viagra online sales fuel.  Traffic encourages the construction of massive, expensive and wasteful roadways.  But there's no good solution.  Not yet anyways. 

New research coming out of the University of Texas shows that there might be a way to avoid all the anger and waste that traffic brings on our society, and all they need is to put an RFID tag in your car.

Kara Kockelman has created a computer model that shows that per-mile tolls for congested roads at high-traffic times of the day will increase rush-hour traffic speeds by about 25 miles per hour.

The solution is an elegant one because it decreases traffic without added infrastructure.   It's inelegant because it raises all kinds of freaky privacy issues and usa levitra also the technology would make it possible for the police to automatically give you a ticket if you ever drive over the buy online pill viagra speed limit.  And that would be lame.

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