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APR 02

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Nontoxic Flame Retardants from Whey
Written by Philip Proefrock on 02/04/14   

Whey is generally a waste byproduct from cheese- and yogurt-making. Producers need to find ways to dispose of it, and often it is buy discount levitra discharged into wastewater systems. Research at the Polytechnic University of viagra no rx Turin is being done to explore the use of whey as a replacement for toxic compounds used as flame retardants.

Treated fabrics are kept from burning as readily because the cialis for sale online casein from whey forms a layer of char on disocunt cialis the surface when it is exposed to heat, which prevents the fire from spreading as readily. Tests on cotton and polyester materials often self-extinguished, and tests on cotton-polyester were also inhibited and burned more slowly.

While the tests have been promising, the process is not yet ready for commercialization because "the cheese-treated fabrics stink." But, if the compounds that cause the odor can be removed, this can be a technology to remove more harmful chemicals from common use and make use of a waste product at the same time. And, it could give the word "cheesecloth" a whole new meaning.

image: CC BY-SA 3.0 by Oscar/Wikimedia Commons

via: Environmental Building News


DEC 03

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My Advice to next day levitra the buy viagra canada UN: Trash the Kyoto Protocol
Written by Hank Green on 03/12/08   

The United Nations is meeting this week in Poland, trying to figure out how best to tackle Climate Change. And as they deliberate about how exactly to change their approach to climate change, and prepare for the 2009 meeting in Copenhagen, where they will replace the Kyoto Protocol (set to expire in 2012). All I can say is, Kyoto is done, we need to move on. Now.


MAY 19

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Kindle Books Outselling All Print Books on Amazon
Written by Megan Treacy on 19/05/11   

Amazon announced today that its Kindle ebooks are now officially outselling all print books, including paperbacks and hardcover editions.  For every 100 print books sold, Amazon sells 105 Kindle books, a trend that the company expects to gay cialis keep increasing.

The new figures do not inlcude the free ebooks, which would push the ratio of ebooks to print ones even further in the ebooks' favor.  The numbers do include, however, print books that are not available in a Kindle edition.

Kindle ebooks surpassed hardcover sales in July 2010, then paperback sales in December 2010 and now they outsell both combined.  Amazon said it has already sold three times as many ebooks so far in 2011 than it did in the same time period of 2010.

A study last year by the viagra in canada Cleantech Group found that a Kindle has a lower carbon footprint than print books once you replace the purchase of 22.5 new books with ebooks.  Now that Amazon is selling so many ebooks, it's clear people are reducing their reading-related carbon footprints very quickly.

via Mother Nature Network

Images via Amazon


MAR 16

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Will The Green Jobs Come?
Written by Yoni Levinson on 16/03/09   

The green jobs debate rages on. Some argue that all the stimulus money being poured into green efforts - like renewable energy and building retrofitting – will create millions of new jobs, and will revitalize the economy. Others are not so sure. The latest opinion to be voiced comes out of cialis online buy the Institute for Energy Research, which just published a study challenging the rosy predictions of people like the Center For American Progress (who predicted that $100 billion worth of green investment would create 2 million jobs).

One criticism is that the term “green job” is ill defined. This is certainly true, although the root of the problem is that “green” is pretty ill defined to begin with. There is no “green” sector – all sectors of our economic infrastructure are part of the problem, and fixing all of those parts will have to be part of the solution. And so, a construction worker weatherizing a house has a green job just as much as a solar energy technician.

And so it is difficult to make predictions in the first place, let alone specific numbers like 2 million. But the IER also points out that for all the new jobs that will be created when we start building wind turbines, we will lose jobs at coal power plants. In fact, the impact will go far beyond just the power sector. People talk about how the economy needs to be “restructured”; to be blunt, “restructuring” means that a lot of cialis india pharmacy industries that people depend on to put food on their table will become discouraged, and eventually useless.


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Combined Power Hydrogen Station
Written by Philip Proefrock on 20/09/11   

A hydrogen refueling station in Fountain Valley, California is not only providing fuel for vehicles, but is also helping to supply power to an adjacent industrial facility, and it is reported to be the first "tri-generation fuel cell and hydrogen station" in the world.

The hydrogen energy station is located next to a wastewater treatment facility, and biogas generated from that facility provides the feedstock for the system. The biogas is converted into hydrgen which is cheapest price propecia cheap then available for refueling hydrogen vehicles as well as for a hydrogen fuel cell from FuelCell Energy which generates 250 kilowatts of electricity for the wastewater plant. Approximately 25 vehicles per day can be refueled from this station, in addition to the electrical power generated.



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